Windows 8’s Hidden Treasures — Windows 8 is filled with cool new features, but some of them are not obvious at first glance. You have to dig a little to unearth the Windows 8 hidden treasures. Here are just a few of them.

The Secret Start Menu
There is a somewhat hidden menu that can act as a stripped-down Start button. Just press the Windows key+X or move you cursor down to the bottom-left of the screen and right-click to make the Quick Access Menu will appear. This menu is extremely useful for quick access to Programs, Power Options, the Task Manager, Control Panel, and more.

Quick Access Menu

Built-in Anti-virus Protection
One great addition to Windows 8 is a built-in anti-virus and anti-spyware program called Windows Defender. This is a more robust version of the old Windows Defender and replaces Microsoft Security Essentials.

Task Manager on Steroids
Microsoft has beefed up the Task Manager in Windows 8 to be much more useful. It now has a Startup tab that shows auto-start programs, making it simple to see what is starting with your computer and to disable programs that you don’t want. The Task Manager now also has improved information on services, running apps, and performance.

Task Manager

File History
The new File History tool can keep track of previous versions of all of your files. It works in the background without any user intervention. Just add a secondary hard drive or a networked drive for the backup, choose a few options, and turn it on to get started.

Easy Screenshots
Taking screenshots is easier than ever with this new version of Windows 8. Just press the Windows key and the Prnt Scrn key at the same time. The screen will flask and the screenshot will be automatically saved in a PNG format in your Picture library.

Easy Reinstall 
Windows 8 has a new reinstall routing called Reset or Refresh your PC, which is found in Settings. With past versions of Windows reinstalling the operating system took hours. With Windows 8 it can now be done with a few clicks. This system refresh returns the default operating system settings, but keeps personal files, settings, programs that came with the PC and apps that have been downloaded from the Windows Store.

Snappy Apps
Windows 8 lets you dock an app at the side of the screen while using the rest of screen as your workspace. This makes it easy to keep track of the time, weather, Facebook friends, or other stuff in slick way. To dock an app, open it, then drag it from the top to the left or right of the screen.

Docked App

Storage Spaces
Storage Spaces is a consumer-friendly take on RAID storage. You can quickly create a pool of storage from multiple drives. This pool or storage space then acts as one drive. You can easily add more drives if you run low on storage space or a drive fails. There’s even an option to mirror your data.

Storage Spaces

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    Awesome!! Was a skeptic (Vista follower) but I love Windows 8 more every day!!