Windows XP: The end of the road

Instead of dealing with overarching issues like the effects of global warming or the best path to a cancer cure, today we will deal with an issue that’s closer to home and our work place. It’s an incontrovertible fact that the viable life of Windows XP has come to an end. Even the date its demise has been set: Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows XP April 8, 2014. After that date there will be no more security updates. To sum it up, there will be no more support for Window XP.

Image credit: IDC/Flexera

Image credit: IDC/Flexera

When Microsoft stops providing patches for Windows XP, that operating system will be extremely vulnerable. Hackers are already salivating at the opportunity to take over unsuspecting computers. When they find a zero-day or other flaws in the operating system, they will have access to millions of these old XP computers. Notice that I say “when” rather than “if” because it is only a matter of time before exploits will be found. Since there will be no patch from Microsoft, anyone who continues to use Windows XP after April 8 will be at the mercy of hackers and in grave risk of having their XP computer seriously compromised. No firewall or anti-virus software will give them adequate protection.

In its heyday, Windows XP was the world’s most popular operating system. Many corporations computerized their systems with Windows XP and an enormous amount of proprietary software was developed for it. At one time Windows XP had an installed user base of more than 800 million computers. Windows XP is still running on 39 percent of the computers currently in use as of this writing.

Even if the Windows XP base sinks to 10 percent of what it once was, hackers will still have millions of computers to target. Hackers have a “the more, the merrier” mentality. They always target operating systems that have a large installed base. The flimsy security of Windows XP and the lack of official support after April will ensure that hackers will be working diligently to break into these systems. Remember that while the security built into Windows XP was state of the art when it was released in 2001, Windows XP is now a rickety 12-year-old operating system. Even though security was increased with Service Release 2, it cannot compare to the security provided by Windows 7 or Window 8.

For both individuals and organizations, there is a cost and time investment in migrating to new computers. However, the alternative of having insecure computers is not an option. Those who continue to use Windows XP after the termination date, will face even higher costs and time investments when their computer systems are compromised—and if they are connected to the Internet, they will be compromised in short order after the April 8th date.

It’s not just the Windows XP operating system that’s going to be vulnerable to hackers. Many, if not most, applications running on Windows XP will no longer be supported by the application vendors because it won’t be economically worthwhile for them to keep supporting programs written for such an outdated operating system.

Unfortunately, some companies are taking a dangerous wait-and-see attitude regarding the migration to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

joint study of more than 750 respondents by research firm IDC and Flexera Software showed that approximately half of the respondents had completed less than 75 percent of their migration. Only a minority of organizations have completed their migration.

Even more surprisingly, a Camwood survey of 250 IT decision makers from companies of more than 2,000 seats show that less than half of large U.K. organizations have started the migration away from Windows XP.

Image credit: IDC/Flexera

Image credit: IDC/Flexera

Those who are taking the “if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it” attitude will quickly find that after April 2014, Windows XP will be broken and will need to be fixed. Moving to Windows 7 or 8 now is a far better economic proposition than putting off the inevitable until the spring of 2014. In addition, these newer versions of Windows will provide better overall security as well as the ability to implement some of the latest technologies including BYOD, consumerization of IT, always-on, and easier migration to the cloud.

It’s easy to blame Microsoft for stopping Windows XP support. However, it has supported it for 12 years which is an astonishingly long time to keep supporting a software product. Microsoft actually extended its normal 10-year product lifespan by two years for this product.

If your organization hasn’t yet started or completed the migration to Windows 7 or 8, you need to stop right now and assess your progress or lack thereof. With the amount of proprietary software written specifically for Windows XP and the length of time that it was in use, migrating to a newer operating system will be lengthy and problematic for some organizations. Outside expertise may be needed. We’ll be covering XP migration and aspects of what to assess over the next few weeks to help you take the necessary steps to make the change. There are many options available, including Dell which provides end-to-end device and operating system migration for organizations of all sizes.

Make the move now because waiting until April 2014 is sure to put a bigger drain on your company’s finances and an added stress on both your IT and executive staff.

Sandy Berger
Sandy Burger, based in Pinehurst, N.C., is a veteran tech journalist and regular contributor to Tech Page One. As senior editor at, Sandy covers tech tips and tricks, apps and gadgets in general. Email her at [email protected]
Sandy Berger
Sandy Berger
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  • G-sus Carballo

    the reason why people still use it, it’s very simple: It is microsoft’s most stable and polished os yet, very fast and reliable, everything works, not a memory hog and i believe it is (or it was) the os with the widest driver support ever, even after windows came out with vista i continued to run xp until windows 7 and as soon i found out the junk windows 8 was i started looking for other options, shortly after i bought a macbook pro and never looked back

    • Hollis_Howard

      Is Mac the answer I thought all Apple was MS run, please educate me because Windows 8
      is insult to injury brother.
      hollishoward88 at

      • willcommentforfood

        I don’t know if it’s the answer, I think the answer is a very personal choice. Apple is not MS run. It is its own system, and it is the rival to PC’s. Apple has a monopoly on software for the Mac, which makes it more expensive to run than PC’s. The disadvantage of buying an Apple system is that it is more expensive than a microsoft windows system, and most software is more expensive than those run on windows. Apple and MS Windows are rival systems and don’t run each other’s products on their systems, though many companies make products for both systems. About Windows 8, most of what I’ve heard about the new Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue, is that the glitches in Windows 8 are fixed in it so it is a good system. I’m not sure about that yet, but I’m going to find out more about it. Your options would be to buy a Mac, or to buy a PC either with Windows 7 & 8 in it, as some people are doing (MS provided windows 7 along with 8 in some computers), or buy a newer PC with the latest version of Windows, Windows 8.1. Recently, Microsoft said that there would not be another version of Windows after 8.1 for several years. Another option is running PC’s (again, not Apple) with a Linux system instead of Windows. Linux is open source and free in cost, but it’s mostly used in Europe, so most of its software is European. Linux tends to be liked by technical people who can program, for the rest of us it is not a hard system to run, but it’s harder than Windows to run if you aren’t a technical person.

        • Joe

          I disagree about the expense of running apple. Their updates to OSX are very cheap or free, can be installed via app store, and generally can be applied to all of your owned mac devices with one purchase. Hardware obviously is more expensive, but it’s also designed to be reliable and functional – minimal bugs, no hardware incompatibilities, no driver problems for that hardware, etc. Also the hardware is of high quality – I’ve only had one Apple device ever fail in over 15 years, and it’s because I spilled coffee on it. Even old obsolete MACs can be relegated to some lower level purpose and keep on ticking. Stop and think of all the time spend de-crappifying or reinstalling your Windows PC or time spent fighting malware. If you add all that up, Apple wins. Even reinstalling the OS for Apple is much easier/faster. Plus in terms of productivity, a device that just turns on and works (without being in the middle of a vulnerability patch update all the time) has a significant benefit. Apple’s made some mistakes in properly embracing the corporate world, so they haven’t penetrated that market (corporate networks, servers, etc) as much, but I think that may change a bit as the mere volume of Mac’s in service combined with Microsofts ongoing blunders of failing to please with new versions will make more and more converts. Plus, with software like Parallels, you can seamlessly run Windows right on top of the Mac desktop, so there’s less and less reason to “fear” converting. Apple also gets it in terms of trying to integrate all your digital devices so your information follows you around. Icloud could be better, but it’s pretty decent already, mostly being held back by Apples rather weird idea that they need to have something cool to announce with each product launch, so they hold back functionality that really they should bring up ASAP. Sharing pics via Icloud would be a good example.

          • RevPhil Manke

            I have an undamaged Mac with 10.4.11, and nothing newer will run on it. Mac says I must buy a new computer. They also dumped my web site support.

          • Joseph Schmoe

            So keep running 10.4. The machine is an antique by any measure if it won’t run later versions of the OS. Time marches on. Even though it may still physically run, its days are numbered, and technologically it’s a dinosaur.

      • Bruce388

        After reading all the negative reviews on Windows Vista in 2008 I migrated from XP to Macs. I haven’t regretted the move for a second.

        I overheard a couple of women talking at tennis club some years ago. One said her son needed a new Windows PC every year of college; her daughter was doing fine with her 5 year old Mac. The more money you spend on a Mac comes back to you in a longer lifespan.

        Apple has been using Unix for several years now. Instead of a sloppy OS that’s rewritten every few years to keep the upgrade money flowing into Microsoft, Unix has been around since the 60s. Stable, efficient and secure.

        Apple has a feature called “Bootcamp” that partitions the hard drive for Windows. I found a copy of XP on Ebay, installed it and it worked flawlessly until the hard drive started going bad (replaced under warranty). Since then I’ve been using Parallels on my MacBook Pro to run Quicken and some gate management software on that copy of XP.

        When Vista was the current Windows OS, one of the PC magazines had a list of great machines to run it. Their top choice was a Mac running Bootcamp.

        Microsoft has Office for the Mac which is an option if you need all those features. Not being a power user I’m happy with Apple’s office software which has the advantage of a low price. Open Office (free/donation) is also available for the Mac. If you want to run Microsoft Office under Windows you have Bootcamp and Parallels, among others, that will do that.

        My MacBook Pro (bought refurbished in 2011, built in 2010) is sporting the latest OS, Mavericks, as a free upgrade. Now I’m thinking about taking the memory to 16 GB (from 4) and a 250 GB SSD drive to crank up the speed. Total cost less than $500.

        Yes, I know you can get a Windows PC for that kind of outlay. After dealing with my wife’s Windows PCs with their electronic bricks hanging off them, their cooling fans screaming and their junky keyboards, I’ll stay with my antique Macs.

        As willcommentforfood wrote, a computer is a personal choice. Lots of factors play into a person’s decision. Stop by an Apple store if there’s one near you and talk to the employees. There’s no pressure to buy and you can get answers to your questions.

        • Joel0903

          To be fair, if her Son needed a new PC every year of college he was either 1 – in a VERY high end CS or CAD program or 2 – Telling mom he had to have one so he could get a new computer every year. I’ve been running the same Sony laptop since 2011 and have had no issues at all with performance. It’s not even top of the line (I went with an dual core i5 processor instead of a quad core i7 since I wanted a 13.3 inch laptop). I can run my normal 10-20 Chrome Windows, VS 2013, and a VM environment which runs Ubuntu with a LAMP stack running Magento 2 without too many problems (memory gets a bit tight sometimes, but memory is cheap if I decide I want to go from 6 gig to 12 after I finish vacuuming the wallet on Christmas gifts). In other words, Windows 7 runs just fine as the laptop is, almost out of the box. One thing I did change, which I admit helps performance quite a bit, was installing a 250GB SSD. I’ll be able to run it fairly happily for another couple years, until – hopefully – Intel shrinks their processors enough to put the successor to the I7 into a 13.3 inch laptop chassis.

          By the way, Unix also gets re-written every few years. The Linux and SunOS kernels are modified every time a major new version comes out, or whenever new processors are released by Intel, et. al. I will admit that I like the mac style keyboard better than the PC keyboard (though I did love that MS split keyboard when it came out in the 90s).

          • Jose Baldemar Chavez

            I have AutoCAD, Photoshop CS and Sketch-up on my 6 and a half year PC with XP and it runs good until a year ago when I installed a newer AutoCAD it started bogging down. The point, even if you have a high end CAD you don’t need to upgrade your computer for several years. So yeah, the kid wanted newer, better. Probably broke his computers and needed a replacement, or just plain peer pressure.

          • RealityBetraysUs

            Computer users who do not know how to solve their technical problems with viruses, malware, adware, or quite simply can not keep up with constant changing software specs and upgrades and patches can easlily get overwhelmed and falsely ass-u-me oh it ‘s the computer’s fault or the operation system version’s fault. The reality very few of us are programmmers and even they have a hard time as IT professional trying to keep up with all the changes and upgrades and reguirements which only a computer could accurately do.(Many IT depts. will tell you they know what they should be doing but just do not have the time and money to get around to doing it, ) This does not mean they are stupid it means they are human and not superhuman(can’t do all things and be all things to all users) They must set priorities and work on the latest and greatest threat, wish lists get put on the back burner…That agian is another reason why I would again recommend Faronics Deep freeze protection software, it is not virus protection because that assumes they know what the threats are and how to counter act them, NO Deep freeze does not care about what viruses do not even exist yet as threats they only care about how your system should work and taking necessary steps to lock down the registry so those critical elements can not be changed without a password.No virus has been written yet that can decrypt password protected system registry files. So the strategy is not trying to beat the bad guys on their turf defeating viruses, but rather seeing to it that the cookies are not the bottom shelf but rather safely stored away in password protected system where viruses/malware can not even get to them. and another favorite strategy of mine is once “Deep freeze” is installed you can always copy the whole HDD with other software such as utilites that allow you to copy partitions or whole hard drives so you have aready to go replacement that can get you up and running again in munutes rather than spend a whole day trying to rebuild and reinstall software . It is also a good strategy to only have your op system files on one drive and your office application software on another,this makes it easier if the op system takes a dump and you have to rebuild or restore. Again why make it easy on malicious software or “malware” to shoot down your computer or you as a user, merely because you failed to take protective preventative measures…You can also look at the cost of protective software and preplanning as the automechan’s favorite tune sung to customers “You can pay me now or pay me later”!!!

        • Tat45

          If a woman’s son needed “a new Windows PC every year at college” it’s only because he wanted to upgrade his gaming machine.

          For office tasks and basic browsing, a four-year-old machine would suffice.

        • Dls2k2

          >> One said her son needed a new Windows PC every year of college<<

          Heh–only because he wanted faster and faster machines to play games, no doubt. Shame on him. There's absolutely no reason otherwise.

          • David

            just buy em a freaking CPU..they got the money

        • Michael Schwartz

          Dude, didn’t you just contradict your awesome Mac rant when you had to get a new hard drive on WARRANTY? Just made me scratch my head!

          • John

            Not really a fair observation since Apple doesn’t manufacture hard drives. The same thing could and does happen to PC manufacturers all the time.

        • Mel Jenkins

          I would agree with you about Mac OSX being more durable and less in need of constant upgrades as Windows, but the Achilles heel for me has been the hardware itself. Usability wise, my 2007 Mac Book pro was holding up well in 2013, but the hardware was so battered that I decided to retire it rather than invest in more replacement parts. I was on my 3rd keyboard, 4th power supply and 4th battery (all of which again needed to be replaced) with a cracked LCD frame. A previous Macbook had a crack around the casing after just several months. They may pride themselves on aesthetics, but it comes at the price of durability.

          • jdizzl

            mac is always behind on multi screens, where are touch screen laptops, where are 27″ touch screen all in one desktops. They don’t even make a 17″ laptop any more, nor any rackmount servers. If you want to be years behind in technology and options and never want to tinker with a lot of tech products, go with mac. If not, windows or linux.

      • the_bananaboat

        No, a Mac is not the answer. It is far too limited in what it can do. If you care at all about games then stick with a pc. Windows 7 is a great OS. Apple has made some great strides, but they’ve made some mistakes as well. They are way overpriced and you will not see the variety of choices that you will for the pc.

        • Roller Rider

          The only reason I have for buying a Mac would be as a centerpiece for a Pro Tools studio and that Mac would only be used for studio related operations. No casual web surfing and no games.

        • mike33901

          I agree if games are what you want to do. PC is the answer. For business, Macs rule!. The real question, is why can Microsoft not invent a decent operating system. They concentrate on fonts and fancy ribbons but it is almost like no one at Microsoft ever actually uses a computer for regular business purposes. New operating system, lots of retraining and a waste of money for most small businesses. It is too bad that a 3rd party cannot support XP

          • Kristen Turner

            Every other OS they come out with seems to be a winner. Even if you go shopping for a new computer, 9 times out of 10 there will be an option between Windows 8 and Windows 7. Until they create another one, Windows 7 seems to be what you should stick with.

          • Roller Rider

            I currently have two Windows 8 licenses and full install packages. Neither one is currently installed on any computer I own. I picked them up mostly because MS was offering $40 upgrades to Win 8 for anyone with a licensed Win 7 or Vista OS.
            I’m very happy with Win 7 Pro.

          • matism

            And if you just want to do basic work, such as e-mail, browsing, word documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and your old computer still works, just load a free copy of Linux, such as Ubuntu. It comes with an equivalent to Microsoft office which can read and write to the Office format and that does everything over 95% of computer users need to do.

            I have been loading Linux on all the new boxes I have put together for friends for the past 4 years, and have NEVER had a complaint. Unlike what I had to go through when I was putting Windows on their computers…

          • Vee_Kay

            Just wish Ubuntu would drop UNITY, hate that thing, loved the previous versions where at least at one point UNITY could be disabled. I don’t intend to have a touch screen for input. Unity is actually a smartphone or tablet oriented user interface.

          • nra1ifer

            There is a way to get rid of Unity and make it look like previous versions. I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 on several laptops and our tower pc, “un-doing” Unity as soon as it’s loaded. You’ll need to open a “terminal” to get to a command prompt, then type ‘sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback’. You’ll like the results.

          • matism

            Have you looked at the Trinity branch of Ubuntu?

            apt (dot) pearsoncomputing (dot) net
            provides a non-Unity environment that can be customized to look like Windows for those who like that.

          • James Van Damme

            So use Linux Mint instead. The menu looks like XP.
            Or Zorin, which has a W7 lookalike option too.
            Or load the Gnome desktop onto Ubuntu.

          • Reason

            Here Here! .. Linux will also give new life to older machines that don’t want to run bloatware. I too have been turning friends on to Ubuntu and they are loving it.

          • idiotmitten

            Mike, ” For business, Macs rule!.”??? You in Colorado???? Hardly ANY business applications run on a Mac.

          • Ohiowordguy

            Wrong. My entire 10-person business runs on Macs, from MS Office apps to Quickbooks, Adobe CS, etc.

            In my nearly 25 years of computing experience — which include Macs and PCs — I have found that most people who use PCs are completely clueless as to what Macs can do.

          • jdizzl

            these are all low level consumer products, there are thousands of business apps that were never released for mac.

          • NJHuguenot

            Obviously, we don’t care. There’s far more applicaions available for the PC anyway and I really don’t like the snooty attitude MAC users seem to project.

          • Nicole Elliott

            I’ve used Macs and PCs. I need a computer that can do everything…Adobe programs, Office, games, music, videos, internet…at an affordable price. Apple just doesn’t cut it. Besides, files created on a Mac aren’t necessarily compatible with a PC.

          • DeclareIND

            The first computer I ever owned was a Mac. I owned and used them religiously and exclusively for years. Then I moved to a PC-rich/Mac starved community and was compelled to switch (in order to maximize compatibility with my new customer base). Now, after using both platforms for many years, I would not go back to Mac unless I had no choice. Not saying that Microsoft doesn’t have it’s problems, but that, between the two, it is less of a headache to run PCs than Macs.

          • cljahn

            When I worked for a business that used Macs, they froze up and even crashed frequently. And when you finally got them re-booted, all the network printers and shared servers had to be re-installed.

            I finally took my department over to Windows on our own resources simply so we could function; we were already using several PCs to run CAD/CAM machinery.

            Macs simply are not “all that.”

          • Pryz Fytr

            A Mac can do nothing that a PC cannot do; the engineering programs we use daily will not run on an Apple computer (unless you hack it to run Windows native!)
            I was in the graphic arts biz for a long while; that is the ONLY business that “Macs Rule”.

          • john jay

            the only thing that mac are good for is music and video editing,if your business ruse macs you are a fool to overpay for those overpriced boxes.

          • YEEFBLAST

            Our entire business runs on Mac – try again.

          • Billyoldster

            It depends on what business you’re talking about. For me and my publishing ministry (since 2001), I run Adobe InDesign on a PC, and it works perfectly fine. Spending more for a Mac is a waste of money. All it is is a name brand. I’ve been hearing this pro-Mac propaganda for a very long time, and I’m tired of it. It was true in the days before Windows 7, and especially true in the 90′s, but today, there’s no good reason that I can find to use a Mac: not for publishing, not for photos, not anything.

          • Jimmy Petrick

            you must work for an anti virus company,

          • john jay

            Another Einstein,come over with your Mac and you,ll see what virus I put on it for you.

          • Wayne Wilson


          • Loldotdot

            Is that all you have to say?!

          • jdizzl

            for business macs are actually terrible, they discontinued their servers several years ago.

          • jmeg8237

            Not entirely correct. OS X Server is still sold in the Mac Mini.

          • JeffDeWitt

            A Mac Mini might run OS X Server but it’s no server. That’s like trying to replace a school bus with a Min Cooper!

          • Loldotdot

            Who uses a Mac server? LOL!

        • David

          banana — this is about where to go when your XP expires….are you saying that if someone is gaming on XP, they shouldn’t use a Mac, they should use Win7?
          Who is gaming on XP?
          Macs are for grownups in the work environment.
          stick to PS4 or XB1 is you want to game.

          • the_bananaboat

            I used XP until Windows 7 came out and then was stabilized. I haven’t used XP in years. Apparently there are still many people that are gaming on XP. Of course they’re sticking to old games. Macs are for work. Gaming is for all ages. The average gamer is 37 years old. I’m a 31 year old wife, mother, and a professional in the medical field. When I need to use a computer at work it is always a PC. I said XP because the article was talking about XP.

          • Roller Rider

            I’m gaming on XP because Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (and people wonder about my name :) ~ ) and Railroad Tycoon 3 will not run under Vista or Win 7. No way, no how. Now, if someone wants to develop RCT 4 and RRT 4 and make them Win 7 compliant, get back to me. In fact, I am seriously thinking about resurrecting my old Dell Dimension P2 box so I can play some of my classic Win98 games that never ran under XP.
            I don’t think I’ll connect that one to the internet!

        • snowdogg

          “No, a Mac is not the answer. It is far too limited in what it can do.”

          Not in my experience… which is over 2 decades as a Mac user.

          But then I don’t use my computer to play games… it is a real workhorse.

          • the_bananaboat

            Since I was talking about gaming my comment stands. A Mac sucks for games and until and unless they change their philosophy they will always suck for games. A Mac is for work while a PC is for work AND play. As a result a PC will always be more fun than a Mac.

          • Nicole Elliott

            The software selection for Mac is just too limited…not to mention more expensive. I’ll stick with a PC.

          • earthtrash

            yeah upload pictures to facebook, that’s all it can do.

          • TheDVDKing

            You just happen to be smarter than most folks and know what you’re doing!! I’m a computer science major and was taught on both systems. Most everyone in class was like “wtf” with the Macs but when we started on the, then, brand new PCs, everyone was like “Oh!! Now I get it!!”, I’ve never understood why MACs have been still in use all these years. Nobody I know or ever come across uses, or used, a MAC. Not even a Fortune 500 financial institution I used to work for had used MACs for 30+ years; and I’ve been away from them 7 years!

        • Ohiowordguy

          Are you for real? Seriously?

          Not only are macs NOT “limited,” but the operating system is, was and always will be far superior to anything Microsoft ever released.

          As for the “limits” I invite you to visit the App store to see the tens of thousands of programs available. And, yes, the MS Office apps run on Apple computers. Have for 20+ years.

          Yes, Apple has made some, “great strides” — it is now one of the most valuable companies in the world, and long ago surpassed MS. Why? Because they make great products that people used to increase their personal and business productivity.

          The reason Win XP was so successful is because it was MS’s most stable, reliable OS — it was indeed a very good OS. That’s why millions still use and refuse to upgrade.

          Windows 7? Please. A disaster.

          As for the person who asked the original question, I would invite you to visit an Apple store and check things out.

          • norf4

            You hit the nail right on the head! If it wasn’t for our systems taking a direct-hit this past summer from a lightning-strike (yes we had APC surge-protectors) we would STILL be running XP. Like you said, it was the most-stable OS Microsoft ever sold. We had it on all our computers for 12 years. When we selected our new systems, we made sure to avoid Windows8 because of all the horror stories computer-literate people such as yourself were posting on the blogs. We went with Windows7 eventhough we were informed that MS was discontinuing the system; but with 8 as the only alternative, there was no choice to be made at all. Although 7 is a good OS, I would give anything to have my XP back. Such is life in the geek-world these days. :-(

          • TheDVDKing

            Microsoft is only discontinuing the installation of W7 on new computers when they come off the assembly line, just like they did with Vista a short time after W7 came out, Support for W7 will still be around for a while.

          • jdizzl

            MS Office for 20 years? lol…ok.

          • NJHuguenot

            If it’s a disaster, why?

          • Guest

            What makes Windows 7 a disaster? I have windows 7 and windows xp at my workplace (2 machines, exact same kind of hardware), and windows 7 is much better, especially for embedded sw development. .

          • MeanOldMan

            Actually Apple passed Microsoft almost entirely because of smart phones and other portables not because of any superiority of operating system but rather poor choices at Microsoft to ignore that market for years. Now they are playing catch up and most major companies suck at that.

          • the_bananaboat

            Yes, I am real. Macs are indeed limited. They are designed for work and not for play. In addition the available software is limited in scope and variety. The OS is clunky and not user friendly. The hardware and software is vastly overpriced. A Mac is designed for work only whereas a PC is designed for work AND play. I have a far more comfortable and productive experience with my PC than I ever will with a Mac.
            MS Office may run on a Mac, but it will never run as well as it does on a PC.
            Win XP was the most stable OS by Microsoft until Win 7 came out. The disaster that you refer to never happened. Maybe you’re thinking of Win 8? That one I have tried and do not like.
            I have been in an Apple store many times and I know full well what they have to offer. I was not impressed.

          • TheDVDKing

            What Apple store? I live in a major financial area with more than ten other high-money cities in a 250 radius and none of us have Apple stores. We have a HUGE amount of Dell, Gateway and HP stores though. Does that tell anything to anybody??

          • AJS

            Actually Windows 7 is a lot like XP, it works well, is stable and MUCH better then Windows 8. Plus games can run in “XP compatibility mode” which I’ve tried on older games and it works just fine. I’ve been using PC’s for 24 years and before that I used a Commodore 64. The only apples I ever used were Apple IIe, & Mac’s from 1991-1995 era. They were okay but no spectacular. Also not impressed with I-phones either on that note.

          • john jay

            Apple is successful,because the find id-i0-ts who are in love with their i-phone,upgrade gimmicks almost each year.

        • Joseph Schmoe

          Clearly you know nothing about, nor have you ever used the Mac OS. There is NOTHING you can’t do on a Mac, and nothing you can’t do faster and with FAR more stability that you can do on any Windows platform. Not one single thing.

          • the_bananaboat

            I have used OSX and several previous versions and I didn’t like them. I really didn’t like the infamous hockey puck mouse either. A Mac does well with its programs, but they have never run any Windows or 3rd party programs as well as a PC will. That may change in the future, but it hasn’t yet. The vaunted stability of the Mac OS is a myth. And they’re overpriced.

          • Jay Lepire

            First off, not liking the hockey puck mouse? That was ages ago and nobody liked it. Maybe the idiot who designed it did, but it was stupid, short lived, and it was just a damn mouse. Next, “A Mac does well with its programs, but they have never run any Windows or 3rd party programs as well as a PC will”. Wrong again. You obviously have not run Windows on a Mac that wasn’t running inside an emulator. If you have your drive partitioned through bootcamp, and select the windows partition as your start up disk, you will boot up windows natively (not running the Mac OS at all). You can load any windows program the operating system is capable of running, and it will run as fast or better than most pcs.

          • the_bananaboat

            Ok, but my pc runs faster than any Mac that I have ever used. I do not like the Mac OS and I would not want to use hard drive space for an extra partition. However the main reason that I would not own a Mac is the price. I refuse to overpay.

          • Guest

            Of course, you have to have one of the newer machines with Intel iCore CPUs.
            Which basically makes it an either or machine so long as you have an Apple mobo. Combine that with a good nvidia or ATI video card and they are largely the same machine.

        • Jay Lepire

          Limited? It is very simple to install and run XP or 7 on a mac with bootcamp which is free. Haven’t tried 8. Never tried installing OSX on a pc, but I would bet it’s a nightmare. And sure a mac is more expensive, but a few years down the road many can still use the newer/newest software and are functional, whereas in my opinion a lot of pcs are left for dead.

          • the_bananaboat

            Yes, OSX would be a nightmare, but then that OS sucks. My pc was top of the line when I built it back in 2012 and it will remain powerful enough for the next 5 years or more. If I want I can always swap out the cpu or the video cards for newer ones. Eventually I will pass this pc on to one of my kids and build a new one. Any OS that comes out in the next 10 years will run on this pc.

          • Roller Rider

            You might want to rethink that swap CPU comment. I currently have an i5 CPU but I’m dead ended because Intel changed the socket in the next generation. If I want to swap my CPU, I have to swap my motherboard as well.

          • the_bananaboat

            I understand what you’re saying and that will be an issue eventually. I have an Intel I7 3770k, so it a socket 775. There are some upgrades out there that I can move on to, or I can simply pass on this pc to one of my kids and build a new pc. Either way, this pc will remain fast for years and any OS that comes out in the next decade will run on it. The parts will be good until they die.

        • Jimmy Petrick

          a Mac can do anything and everything a windows pc can only better and far more efficient…..and if your buying a pc to play games your stuck in the 90s…..consoles are for playing games and computers are for building them..

          • the_bananaboat

            That has not been the case historically. The PC has always run games better than a Mac. I didn’t buy a PC, but rather I build them. I haven’t used a console since the PS2. I moved on to the PC around that time.

          • Roller Rider

            Consoles have never done God games and those are my preference.
            I don’t want to gun and run with a joypad. I want to build cities, worlds, and amusement parks.

          • AJS

            Wrong, have you seen the latest games for computers that are “also” for the consoles, Why do you think videocards are so powerful nowadays, it’s the GAMES!

      • Head_Tinkler

        I have a older mac Pro, when they used to make the 17′ screen and haven had any problems with it at all. I recommend Apple to anyone who is tired of patches and viruses and OS systems that crash!

      • Jimmy Petrick

        once you go MAC you never go back

        • the_bananaboat

          I’ve worked on Mac’s and given the choice, I chucked them for a PC’s that I built. The Mac’s that were provided by the hospital are boxed up and in the closet. My receptionist enjoys the PC I built for her and I enjoy the one that I built for me. As long as her work for the day is done, I don’t care if she plays games for the rest of her shift. So your assertion is wrong.

    • the_bananaboat

      I agree somewhat. I ran windows 3.0 until windows 98 came out. Then windows 98 2nd edition was released and I migrated to that. Then I got xp when I built a new pc. I had vista at work and hated it so I stuck with xp at home. Then I built another new pc after windows 7 had been out a while. I ignored windows 8 because I want a start menu. I have tried different mac’s over the years and hated all of them. The worst ever was the hockey puck mouse they came out with back in the late 90′s. A mac is for work while a pc is for work and fun. I do have an iphone and an ipad however.

    • tentantoes

      Yes, have considered EVERYthing to avoid Win 8. Hate 7
      but the lesser of evils over 8. I luckily skipped Vista.
      XP is still the best best UNLESS you enjoy having nothing
      else in your life but learning to use a new or beta whatever.
      Some of us DO have better things to do than to sit at our
      computers…we just want it to do what we are USED to
      without time wasted.
      One particular gripe, was the ‘Restore’ system that DID
      restore on XP. NOT after all the ‘improvements’.

      • the_bananaboat

        Windows 7 is a quicker and more efficient version of XP. I’m not sure why you would hate it.

    • disqus_tmvkwX9LhA

      It is fine if they would let it alone.they want full control and they have it with the new operating systems.You never log out from anything on these new systems.

    • playFFXI

      You obviously haven’t used Windows 7 if you think XP is more stable. After having 7 for years it’s really painful for me to use a machine with XP. A modern 64bit machine running 7 is miles ahead of any machine with XP. The 3GB limit on memory in XP is really becoming limiting these days too.

    • Daniel P Hanover

      I agree. I have 4 pc’s running xp and I won’t touch W7 or W8.

    • David Wardell

      I agree totally.I have had every Os from dos to Win 3.1 to Windows 7 and Xp is simply the best easy to use few problems and fast startup times.

    • redrooster73

      I have always used PCs with the Windows operating system and like the XP but as with any Windows product, you always had to contend with it bogging down and crashing. I hated Vista and was glad I removed it. But I recently purchased a new HP with Windows 7 but soon afterwards, was able to buy a new iMac and I never went back to using the HP. My iMac has never crashed not bogged down. I just love it and only have the HP as a back up just in case…

    • Slappy

      You had me until you said you bought a MAC book……Limited hardware options and limited software. Sounds like a downgrade to me…but hey, if you like high prices and no upgrade options go for it.

    • alphaa10000

      Carballo, I have need of a copy of Windoz 8 for target practice. Seriously, if you want to let it go, let’s contact each other through Sandy. As you will see in my other posted message, I am firmly committed to continued operations with XP– it is light, fast, well-drivered, and has a vast amount of software. But I also teach PC operations to innocents, and must meet their problems (face to face, in a trial Windows 8 setup) so they won’t have to.

  • jvaljon1

    Now that’s what I totally fail to understand; the anti-business attitude of Bill Gates. When he first extended XP the way he did, he certainly knew how much a favorite of the whole world, that it was. XP hit it out of the park! I mean, a few newer Windows’ have come out of his paddock – XP remains the favorite of ALL. I’m going to get another computer for Christmas and I know it’s going to be an Apple.
    If Bill Gates came out with a larger-capacity (but changed in NO OTHER WAY) XP? I’d quit thinking about Apple, and get his newest, as long as it was XP. I mean, all by himself, he’s kept Apple in business – whereas if he’d kept his XP, by now I bet Apple would have long since been out of business.

    Sometimes these ‘industrial captains’ just get too big for themselves…

    • Hollis_Howard

      You guys are totally cute and gorgeous & I thank you eternally for setting the record straight.
      Windows 98 wasn’t bad either.
      What’s wrong with big Bill these days anyway.
      He’s married to my cousin Melinda French Gates my sister Heather Howard used to be the top celebrity personal assistant in Hollywood and she did a lot of go between work between celebrities
      Once she ferried a message from Paul Allen (Bill Gates partner) to
      Gene Tripplehorn of Water World fame (whom Paul had a crush on at the time) Paul invited Gene up to his place in Washington with a brown velvet box that had a feathered “Mardi Gras style” mask in it. We still have the box that Paul Allen sent to Gene to this day! A precious memento
      from way back. Thanks for your feelings ladies your comments are loved, cherished and preserved.

      • Rob Long

        missed your 15 minutes of fame did you?

        • Dls2k2

          Not anymore! Assuming that post wasn’t a parody, anyway. I suspect it was.

        • servcon

          Missed high school, as well, considering the grammar and syntax employed…..

      • Joel0903

        Correction: Windows 98 SP 1 wasn’t bad. Windows 98 was a horrible OS full of bugs and security holes, which is why SP 1 and 2 were released so quickly. It was a good operating system – stable and secure for its time – after the second SP was applied.

        • Peace By JESUS

          Otherwise known as 98SE. Used it for years extensively, even after support ran out, and you could do more than many supposed. But “illegal operations” (now they must be “legal” but errors) and running low on system resources, size limits, etc. XP was much better, but the degree of basic improvement from XP to W/8.1 is not as noticeable.

          I put a retail copy of XP on an older laptop (1.7 ghz) that was doggy with Vista, and it is very quick, even booting quickly than a new version of Puppy Linux that is also has.

          And as real advantage is 64 bit, so that you can use lots more memory than the 3.5gb limit under 32 bit, and all the 3rd party programs that help so much. Thank God for variety.

      • Peculiar Person

        vomit post.

      • trailrunner78

        I think you mean Jean Trippelhorn…….Bill Gates is a “one world” ‘er like the rest of the elite, busy pouring his money into “common core”, which ditches individualist education in favor of stamping out human beings who will all be good employee’s/subjects……..I don’t use Apple products but it’s kind of amazing that Steve Jobs, who was perceived by some to have hippie blood with socialist tendencies wound up being a proponent of individual liberty and freedom compared to the geek social outsider entrepreneur Gates who basically espouses corporate communism and the New World Order.

      • tentantoes

        My ears are still ringing from hearing all the names ‘dropped’, clunking on the floor.

    • Fatesrider

      Bill Gates has little to do with Microsoft these days, and left it in the hands of Ballmer in 2008. He’s listed as chairman, but it’s in title only. He has almost no input in its operations today, and will likely have even less after a new CEO is announced. He’s scheduled to have all his stock sold by 2018.

  • Hollis_Howard

    Are we at the Mercy of Bill Gates or especially the Idiot who created Windows 8?? Windows 8 scares me more than getting hacked using XP. I would be willing to sacrifice hard drives loaded with Windows XP
    all day long as opposed to complete stagnation at the hands of Win 8..the absolute most ridiculous
    software structure design ever coughed up.

    #1 You “must” log in first (so the New World Order knows where you are at all times when doing so).

    #2 Contrary to what you believe Mr.Gates we were all aware of every MS OS attributes and features
    (all the way up to Win 7) systems features before Win 8 was created.

    #3 BUT before Windows 8 was created at least we knew WHERE everything was located.

    If you think this a game Bill (Microsoft) I have a feeling there will be a new Microsoft emerging
    very shortly as I don’t have time to play hide and go seek every time both my pride and intelligence
    are insulted by the fact that on top of waisting my time I am forced to PURCHASE a product that is designed to SPY on me as well as waist my time. This is beyond Ludicrous its ridiculous in every sense of the word.. A crowning turn of achievement by imbeciles who are making slaves of all the rest of us
    I have stripped Windows 8 off my 3rd PC currently and am in the process of exploring UNIX based software as I speak.
    If anyone is aware of software that can handle basic word processing (I use Filemaker and Access
    (Relunctantly) for all my Database applications) minimal spreadsheet apps ect please let me know what the smart crowd is going to

    • Ograf

      So the world should still use an outdated operating system because it is inconvenient for you to keep up with the rest of the world? Perhaps you should use Apple or better yet avoid computers all together. I believe right now Win 7 is the right one, at least for my money.

    • J_R_Brown

      So…what you’re saying here is that you are not one of the smart crowd? So, why should we listen to your opinion of Windows 8? I have it on a few of the computers in our household…the rest have Win7….none of my kids complains about Win8 sucking. I’ve used it…and it’s actually pretty intuitive once you quit trying to use it like it’s WinXP.

      • Hollis_Howard

        Kids aren’t usually using their computers to earn a living or support themselves.
        If I were still a kid with time on my hands to burn I probably wouldn’t be bitching about Windows 8 either I’d be content with the nonsense that rearranging all the previous
        notions as well as expensive corporate ad campaigns that gradually got people comfortable with computers, in one fell swoop, represents.

    • Rob Long

      Linux awaits you.

      • Mike

        It is hard enough to follow all the changes in languages for programming Micro-controllers, web pages, databases etc without all the absolutely dumb naming conventions in Linux.

        OpenSource is great when you have adults programming and assigning naming conventions to functions, drivers, etc but the Linux crowd seems to go out of their way to obfuscate.

  • Hollis_Howard

    Are we at the Mercy of Bill Gates or especially the (I)diot who created
    Windows 8? Windows 8 scares me more than getting hacked using XP. I would be
    willing to sacrifice hard drives loaded with Windows XP

    all day long as opposed to complete stagnation at the hands of Win 8..the
    absolute most ridiculus

    software structure design ever coughed up.

    #1 You “must” log in first (so the New World Order knows where you
    are at all times when doing so).

    #2 Contrary to what you believe Mr.Gates we were all aware of every MS
    OS attributes and features (all the way up to Win 7) systems features
    before Win 8 was created.

    #3 BUT before Windows 8 was created at least we knew WHERE everything was

    If you think this a game Bill (Microsoft) I have a feeling there will be a new
    Microsoft emerging very shortly as I don’t have time to play hide and go seek every time both
    my pride and intelligence

    are insulted by the fact that on top of wasting my time I am forced to PURCHASE
    a product that is designed to SPY on me as well as waste my time. This is
    beyond ludi-crous its ridi-culous in every sense of the word.. A crowning tur(d) of
    achievement by imbecyles who are making slaves of all the rest of us

    I have stripped Windows 8 off my 3rd PC currently and am in the process of
    exploring UNIX based software as I speak.

    If anyone is aware of software that can handle basic word processing (I use Filemaker and Access
    (Relunctantly) for all my Database applications) minimal spreadsheet apps ect please let me know what the smart crowd is going to? hollishoward88 at hot mail com

    • Fatesrider

      Actually, Bill Gates left Microsoft a long time ago in the hands of Steve Ballmer, who is stepping down this year. They haven’t announced a replacement for him, but several names are in the running.

      I suggest Kubuntu. It’s very “windows-like” as in XP, and has decent (though hardly comprehensive) driver support.

      • ra44mr2

        Ballmer is a Jack@55 you know dont get me wrong Gates was a ruthless businessman/tech geek/nerd/whatever but he at least was one of us geeks that love computers or at least he sort of started out that way. Ballmer was a jerk from day one implementing stack ranking etc and if he were in charge of any other company he would have ruined it, his only saving grace is how entrenched the world was with microsoft at the time. But if they keep having people like Ballmer in charge that WILL change and someone, be it Ubuntu or Mac will come along and basically copy their business model and simply charge less for it. AS one whos career has depended on Microsoft i cant decide if i like that idea or not.

      • Stephen Speregen

        Gee you need to go to and see how many times it has had security holes.
        nobody’s program or OS is built for security. That site lists the OS’s and programs that have been found to have holes.

    • The Linux Startup

      LibreOffice and OpenOffice are great office programs. AbiWord is a wonderful word processing application. I actually have a webside dedicated to helping users get started with Linux. Contact me anytime. I am always here to help.

  • C Allen

    Saw this coming from afar but i still can’t avoid the blow that’s coming…….will still use XP after support is disabled but only on PCs not connected to the Net……all the good things come to an end I guess

  • MrLightRail

    For those of you migrating to Apple, HAVE AT IT. You won’t find the custom software that ran on XP, and guess what? With Apple’s horrendous “blame the user” attitude, I salivate for the day when virus/malware writers finally decide iOS has enough users to make it worthwhile to code their crap for that OS. THEN you will discover how bad your choice was.


      You make a very valid point, hope it does not happen though. The last thing we need is more hacker literacy.

    • daniel keating

      Where have you been? Macs have been vulnerable for more than a year now–java exploits for the most part–majors like Kapspersky & Clamwin have mac products–they are not immune any longer

      • Moe Howard

        Well, if he doesn’t use it how the hell is he supposed to know? However, I did enjoy your juvenile attempt at one-upmanship.

        • Brad Swanson

          How about the fact that maybe Daniel was trying to educate a user and not trying to be a jacka$$ like you Moe? Maybe that was his premise.

  • noctosk

    not an expert on this but pretty sure bill gates no longer runs the Microsoft corporation. handed it over a few years ago right around the time you had to start paying for tech support when you called


      Ouch, low blow, minus one on the score card. I still want you to be my baby-fauver Bill!

  • Bum4evr

    This story is wrong. It tries to scare anyone using XP to think they are doomed and at the mercy of hackers which is totally not true. A persons odds of being hacked will always be determined by how they use their PC and what they do online, NOT by what OS they use. If you run around the net installing stuff from ads you click on or visit shady websites or if you leave your 8 year old unsupervised on your PC then guess what, you WILL get viruses and spyware, but hackers CANT just target you randomly – no matter what your OS is, so if you use common sense when using the internet then you can still use XP and be totally safe.

    • ra44mr2

      Considering how much pushback there is to NOT move to Win7 from XP im not real confident any of those doing the pushing back are intelligent enough to use common sense in even the broadest interpretation of the word/phrase.


      I know there will be plenty of “non-microsoft” support for loyalists, but it will still be a gamble. Very encouraging statement though. Also, most users think that going online once a week is totally safe even if they are passing out their credit card number to “Baron Ludvig Von Hamschtat”.

    • wtfnow

      Agreed with bum4evr. The writer makes it sound as if as soon as 4/8 comes your computer immediately becomes hacked. Being exploited is a combination of several factors like running with outdated or no antivirus, clicking links in emails from people you don’t know, visiting shady websites, installing most any ‘free smiley app’ available (or similar), etc. If you are cautious and use common sense you can mostly avoid problems. I’m kind of scared that this writer works for a tech blog because of the way this piece is worded. And what about the “proprietary software written specifically for Windows XP” part? Most software I have seen works with 7 and 8. There’s always compatibility mode for those that don’t. Some won’t work probably but that’s software that’s way outdated, not proprietary as she calls it.

      She is correct, however, in the notion that you should plan your upgrade sooner rather than later. windows 7 has been a great OS for me and my limited day to day experience with 8 hasn’t been too bad. One just has to learn the window key shortcuts to navigate it.

      In summary, this writer, chicken little, isn’t a computer person. Take this with a grain of salt, but understand you will need to update at some point.

      • Ron V

        Wftnow+Bum4evr: I agree with you both that the writer is using sensationalist journalism. Nothing unusual there. While I also agree with you that “Most software I have seen works with [Windows] 7″, I had a client, a law office, whose much needed software would not work with a newly installed 64-bit OS. We had to take the machine back and have the 32-bit version of Windows 7 installed. With every new OS upgrade there are always growing pains. Sometimes there’s no work around.

        • RealityBetraysUs

          DYes 64 bit sounds great except users do not realize the majority of software still out there is 32 bit. I had a windows ops system that came out after Xp Vista ultimate 64 bit version, which was supposed to operate with 32 bit software as well but many times did not. I would get error messages telling me to upgrade software to 64 bit versions. This is like having a vehicle that runs on LNG but you can only find regular gas stations. Beware anytime software manufacturers try to promote the latest and greatest 64 bit software but fail to tell you most of the software out there is 32 bit. Do not go looking for any “albatross software ” to hang around you your neck because it can and will “hang you up”.

    • Stephen Speregen

      Your assumption that you can’t get hit if you don’t fall for clicking on there links is dead wrong.
      I am in the IT security business and you can get hit at anytime you are on the internet.
      I am seeing Drive by infections are up 75 percent in the last six months. A drive by is where the malware makers run ip ranges like anyone who is on ATT, Verizon or any other Internet provider.
      You can’t block it, I can’t block it.
      So anybody can be had. With that said, XP has run it’s time, 7 is better, Windows 8 when you look at it carefully and with an open mind just takes getting used to like XP was when you moved from Win 98. Some websites are now blocking IE 8 from opening files and the argument about Mozilla Firefox and Google being better is hogwash. I find 75 percent of the infections I remove were let in by those browsers. IE has its problems and there is a need to fix it by Microsoft but being the most hit has also made it the most secure. Malware makers are now targeting other programs that are less secure like Adobe acrobat, WinZip to name a few. the average person on a computer doesn’t have a clue.
      Even some people who have owned computers for over 10 years only know the screens they use.
      I just referred a Mac to Intosh to have extortion ware removed. Since Mac lost Motorola for making it’s chip they now use Intel and it is a x86 chip, welcome to the party of infections.


      • Brian Pace

        Thank you for bringing sanity to the conversation.

      • Mike D

        I have 2 older XP machines on which I run a lot of legacy software that runs marginally on WIN 7 machines, even in compatibility mode. The trick is to simply unplug the XP machines from internet and buy a Chromebook for internet stuff. I do use a WIN 7 computer for more modern applications but there simply isn’t the degree of compatibility between the software anymore. especially between Microsoft and non-Microsoft programs.

  • M.S

    Microsoft should simply RELEASE the XP Source Code for the Operating System and the Kernel.

    Windows has enough Apps and people invested in Win_7 so they won’t lose that much money.

    Imagine XP, Ubuntu, and Android coming together! (A.U.X)

    Although M.S will lose SOME money it will sabotage Red Hat and Apple in the Desktop!

    AUX and Windows 7 will own 100% of the Desktop Market

    • c_r_gauthier

      Problem with that.. some of the Win7 and perhaps even 8 code might be sharing some of that source code and kernel.. It’s not going to happen! :)

    • The Linux Startup

      30 percent of computer users are running XP. Why would they just let that go when they can force them to buy a new computer?

  • myway

    People, if you’re hung up on XP, don’t waste your energy crying on this comment page, write to Bill Gates. I’m sure if he hears from the 10s of millions current XP users, MS may delay folding XP support, although all good things must come to an end, eventually. I remember hearing the same complaints when support for Win 95 and 98 were folded, even though XP was already around back then. Looks like Win 7 may be most liked by XP users, but one might as well take on 8 since it surely will be around longer delaying another tearful separation when 7 comes to an end. It may take a while to figure out but 8 can be tweaked to run more like an older version, and the ability to run across different devices doesn’t hurt Win 8. Once the business world buys into the Surface tablets I’m sure 8 will become the new favorite. The loss of privacy is a common issue with all newer operating software. If you ever used an Android or Apple device you probably know what I’m talking about. Win is still the better alternative because it has to please corporate clients for MS to stay relevant. That fact causes Win to have fewer nonsense features.

    • DaveGinOly

      Maybe MS could start subscription-based updates for XP, or release the source code to companies that would issue subscription-based updates, with MS receiving a royalty based on the per computer usage of any particular update service.

      • myway

        MS releasing the XP source code? Even though XP is old hat now, I doubt this will ever happen.

        • Peace By JESUS

          Some suggested this for W/98. They now hold the record for holding one’s breath.

          But people forgot this is the business world, and car companies do not support their cars forever, and MS wants to sell new systems to replace the old. I think some companies will offer a sort of plan to protect XP PC’s, but using a hosts file from mvps host file will help, and use the Internet like you drive. Carefully, Pray and press.

  • moderationpreferred

    Bummer. I am still using XP on my mini-notebook that I use for reading or keeping up with my email. when I am out and about. I prefer it to my tablet when out, especially when having meals out as I don’t have to hold it up to read or type emails when I’m at a restaurant, plane or whatever.


      Totally agree, when a touch-screen goes out and there is no keyboard or mouse present, those individuals must feel like morons after laughing at the laptop-user.

  • tarc_d

    to be honest, this is effectively meaningless – just unplug the XP machine from the internet. Frankly, I wish I could buy a new XP machine (for off-line use). I have some great games and some awesome software that would be useful that never got updated. I would primarily use my Win& box and my iPad, but, hey, I have room for a new way back machine in my office.

  • bodhidarma

    It should come as no surprise that if you use anything written and maintained by Microsoft you are probably already “hacked”. If your smart you’ll learn to use something 99% impenetrable…like Linux…

    • ra44mr2

      And if we all learn how to be machinists and blacksmiths we can build our own cars out of scrap metal.

  • mchaun

    One Morning, after Gates brought out Vista and it proved to be worse than worthless and Gates couldn’t give it away, I started my XP System and got an error message saying among other things that XP wouldn’t even try to Load!!!

    Got another Computer and went on the Internet to find out how to fix it. I was amazed to find Hundreds of Thousands of other Users piteously pleading for help.

    Bill had a Fix ready, well, not exactly a Fix, but some Patches which would allow Licensed Users to SALVAGE THEIR FILES ONLY, BUT NOT REPAIR THE PROBLEM!!!

    Considering that the problem seemed to be a simple Registry error, it was obvious that Gates wanted us to trash our XP Computer, which I did.

    I seriously doubt that he felt guilty about his apparent treachery, but shortly after, he did come out with a relatively inexpensive 3x License Win 7 Home Premium Upgrade for Vista which I bought and installed.

    Windows 7 was OK, but I ended up buying a Government Surplus Dell XP which I am currently using but suppose I’ll have to give up soon.

    The infamous Planned Obsolescence of American automobile manufacturers of the 1950s and 60s was nothing like that of Gates; as far as I know, Detroit never deliberately designed to fail or deprived Owners of Service or replacement parts.

    There did exist a sort of conspiracy between Vehicle builders and Oil Companies and there was an analogous scheme that Gates developed.

    Each new Windows operating system was so big and ponderous that it was impractical to install on one’s existing machines, creating a demand for faster and faster hardware that Computer and peripheral builders were happy to provide. Faster and faster Hardware that seems not to have been accompanied by increases in my Throughput for at least a Decade!

    In addition, there were so many holes in the OS that Security Software Firms had a Bonanza. It is insane that a User must spend 3 or 4 or 5 or more times the total OEM cost of an MS Operating System to keep one’s system from exploding in his face during its short lifetime!!

    And sadly, the many system’s features are designed to benefit everyone (who pays nothing toward the cost) but the User (Who pays all)

    I see the modern Personal Computer as a thing as graceful, functional and elegant as anything ever built by Mortals, burdened by trash Software that is a constant insult to the people who design the Computers, indeed a constant insult to all of Humanity that gives a Darn!!.

    Monte Haun [email protected]

  • c_r_gauthier

    I would say that Windows 7, for the last 2 yrs has been a very stable OS and worth migrating to. I can’t say the same for Windows 8/8.1, as I’m satisfied with what Win7 provides me.

    • KewlDawg

      I was a staunch Win XP supporter, vowing to never switch (which at the time would have been to Win Vista).

      However, Win 7 won me over. I switched to Win 7, and have never regretted it.

      IMHO, Win 8/8.1 is another Vista. Even Microsoft seems to be admitting such in their recent ads which make no reference at all to the “8″ or “8.1″, but simply call it “New Windows”.

    • Mike

      If you keep “updates” disabled Win 7 is great. If you don’t it just keep taking longer to boot.

      I also loved the update a few months ago when MS combined a Win 7 and Office 2010 update and it destroyed all file associations for every office application I had. While not a difficult fix, the crushing feeling that occurred the first time I tried to open a file and it told me I did not have Office was something I could have done without.

      MS will continue to slow down Win 7 until it forces the user to update. Until my PC starts feeding me and washing my car, I see no reason to be enticed by some new “features”.

    • Peace By JESUS

      If you have W/8.1, and want the W/7 type interface,use Classic Shell.

  • mchaun

    One Morning, after Gates brought out Vista and it proved to be worse than worthless and Gates couldn’t give it away, I started my XP System and got an error message saying among other things that XP wouldn’t even try to Load!!!

    Got another Computer and went on the Internet to find out how to fix it. I was amazed to find Hundreds of Thousands of other Users piteously pleading for help.

    Bill had a Fix ready, well, not exactly a Fix, but some Patches which would allow Licensed Users to SALVAGE THEIR FILES ONLY, BUT NOT REPAIR THE PROBLEM!!!

    Considering that the problem seemed to be a simple Registry error, it was obvious that Gates wanted us to trash our XP Computer, which I did.

    I seriously doubt that he felt guilty about his apparent treachery, but shortly after, he did come out with a relatively inexpensive 3x License Win 7 Home Premium Upgrade for Vista which I bought and installed.

    Windows 7 was OK, but I ended up buying a Government Surplus Dell XP which I am currently using but suppose I’ll have to give up soon.

    The infamous Planned Obsolescence of American automobile manufacturers of the 1950s and 60s was nothing like that of Gates; as far as I know, Detroit never deliberately designed to fail or deprived Owners of Service or replacement parts.

    There did exist a sort of conspiracy between Vehicle builders and Oil Companies and there was an analogous scheme that Gates developed.

    Each new Windows operating system was so big and ponderous that it was impractical to install on one’s existing machines, creating a demand for faster and faster hardware that Computer and peripheral builders were happy to provide. Faster and faster Hardware that seems not to have been accompanied by increases in my Throughput for at least a Decade!

    In addition, there were so many holes in the OS that Security Software Firms had a Bonanza. It is insane that a User must spend 3 or 4 or 5 or more times the total OEM cost of an MS Operating System to keep one’s system from exploding in his face during its short lifetime!!

    And sadly, the many system’s features are designed to benefit everyone (who pays nothing toward the cost) but the User (Who pays all)

    I see the modern Personal Computer as a thing as graceful, functional and elegant as anything ever built by Mortals, burdened by trash Software that is a constant insult to the people who design the Computers, indeed a constant insult to all of Humanity that gives a Hoot.

    Monte Haun [email protected]


      Buy an XBOX and all of your other worries will melt away. Get connected to the online service and use it to chat and pass messages(wait until it is at discount pricing due to low-enrollment). And buy the rest of your hardware according to market sways that benefit you(stop buying every new game system at launch because you are really not “getting” anything). Use your computers with software that has solid licensing or use freeware when it comes to dealing with “no upgrade companies”(tell them to piss-off). You will have money saved for a computer that you can deal with for a long time(and love the experience), instead of keeping up with the Jones’s.

      If you just like supporting the software industry(like I kind of do) disregard this gibberish.

  • Christopher Blazejewicz

    i started to use linux back in 2010

  • Jared E.

    These comments are so stupid. It’s like asking MS to keep an OS alive
    that’s over a decade old, it’s like asking Apple to revert back to oS9
    and keeping it alive indefinitely. There’s nothing wrong with updating
    your operating system. Quit being such stupid babies and quit believing
    everything the average computer illiterate espouses about Win7 or Win8.
    Windows 8 takes 15 minutes to understand. You can even go straight to
    the desktop and never leave there, just like before. This has nothing
    to do with Bill Gates or anyone else being singularly focused solely on
    being money hungry, but new technologies have come (and some gone) in
    the last 12 years, some requiring extensive re-writes of OS software.
    These updates naturally follow a version number upgrade to 7, 8, etc.
    etc… These posts I’m afraid just show the world how stupid and
    uneducated America is re: computers. Sad. Apple is fine, it’s Unix,
    if you must use that instead of Linux as a heartfelt recommendation
    since Linux is useless to most.

    • $49361749

      Actually, that comment shows your lack of experience. Some of us invest a great deal of monies into business software, in my case web development software and graphic packages such as Adobe, etc.. Upgrading OS doesn’t mean your apps will be compatible. And there is the old’ engineer’s motto: “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

      But the migration between XP and 7 is especially worth while for those who use portable devices as the OS is leaner.

      That being said, it would also seem to be the case between 7 and 8/8.1.

      But, in the end, it comes down to casual users vs business users. Obviously, when you spent 6 months to 1 yr getting that stable OS up and running with your apps. NO, you won’t be inclined to migrate if it does everything you need, even 5 yrs from now.

      Common sense really.

  • vortex100

    I have heard there are already multiple lawsuits in the works that will force Microsoft to support Windows XP for at least the next 10-20 years. Billions of dollars have been invested by numerous companies to buy this operating system and to make it compatible with their software and frameworks. They are not just going to roll over because Microsoft insists they do. Just watch, the hue and cry coming from the business world will overwhelm the extortionists at Microsoft.

    • Noel Farkingweigh

      Cite references. No such thing happening. You’re making stuff up. Software license for XP clearly stated support terms. Not a legal leg to stand on. Another do uch ebag.


      :”EXTORTIONISTS”, that was a pretty sick comment

  • vortex100

    I have heard there are already multiple lawsuits in the works that will
    force Microsoft to support Windows XP for at least the next 10-20 years.
    Billions of dollars have been invested by numerous companies to buy
    this operating system and to make it compatible with their software and
    frameworks. They are not just going to roll over because Microsoft
    insists they do.

    • ra44mr2

      Its not just a matter of rolling over for Microsoft, the technology has change both hardware and software, XP is junk at this point, it was fine back in its heyday but 7 is here and its a better OS designed for the newer hardware and to make better user of the newer hardware.

  • joesmith127

    That jump between dimensions when I signed in was incredible…almost like my mind completely left my body while it was still in the chair. Thankfully the voice behind the bright white light sent me back because I wasn’t ready to stay and I didn’t get to finish my sub sandwich. Plus I’ve got a few more hits on this joint . But I think that the hackers, rather than just breaking into some random computers should target the NSA. It’s the real terrorist organization that is a threat to our freedom.

  • no name

    I will never buy a computer with windows 8. That is the most annoying OS ever. I may be getting my first CrApple laptop soon.

    • karmaa

      Crapple is for people who cannot handle change and technology that evolves. Good luck with that! Your going to need it.



      I’m kidding, wouldn’t mind a new Mac myself

    • The Linux Startup

      If you feel the same way i do about apple, you would be better off trying out Linux before jumping to CrApple as you put it. Linux is free and no risk to try.

  • johnboy0143

    windows 8 sucks….. I don’t like it abit…..and some programs that run smooth on XP won’t work on windows 8…..have heard many complaints about it

    • Peace By JESUS

      Try Classic Shell for the XP or W/7 interface, and right click on the program executable, hit Proprieties, and under Compatibility choose the version of Windows if was designed for. Usually works.

  • spin43

    I will miss XP! Best product MS has sold. Why punish consumers?

  • Larry Hibbs

    Maybe this will give them time to fix Internet Explorer 11, because it sucks.

  • ra44mr2

    Trying to continue to run on XP is like trying to put unleaded gasoline
    in a leaded engine. Its ridiculous how many are holding on to XP. Win7
    is a FAR superior OS and it doesnt carry the price tag of and the
    overrated hype of the Mac systems. Its solid, easy to use, easy to
    maintain, and fast. Companies that dont have their software updated for
    Win7 do so at their own peril. Its stupid, its wasteful, and its not a
    wise use of resources at all. I used to have respect for Macs until every wanna be tech started jumping on forums touting how great they are even though they barely know how to use a pc. Macs are great for those that can barely figure out anything that doesnt have big picture buttons telling them what to do, think Idiocracy at the hospital.

    • karmaa

      Well said!

    • dart65

      Your probably right on about putting unleaded gas in an unleaded engine as the higher operating temperature and lower lubricity of unleaded gas tends to burn the valves in leaded engines.

      Windows 7 and beyond will not run a DOS CAD program (required for my business) except under a virtual machine. Which would be fine, if the emulated video card used by the virtual machine wasn’t some unheard of thing with no DOS driver for the CAD program available for it.

      I see no justifiable reason to spend several thousands of dollars to replace my DOS program so I will be sticking with XP but will take it offline and get another machine; OS not decided yet for internet connection.

      My kids and one of my regular customers tell me I should use Linux.

      • KingCopckup

        Valve seat recession has not been an issue for decades. In fact, leaded fuel does run cooler in aircraft engines compared to low lead. As far as DOS programs, the creation of registry was yet another cashectomy. Setting aside a machine solely booting DOS with an extender is not at all a poor choice. I do recommend keeping the hardware less than 5 years old.

  • Serge Storms

    I’ve got an old XP machine I intend to continue using, but not connected to the net, I use a Mac for that. The reason I went to Mac was due to the ridiculous amount of malware/spyware I was getting on the XP.

  • Dls2k2

    >>Windows XP is still running on 39 percent of the computers currently in use as of this writing.<<

    The above (and rather astounding) fact suggests that MS is making a mistake here. Pulling the security rug out from underneath 39% of PCs should warrant something along the lines of a class-action lawsuit IMO.

    • Michael Schwartz

      Not if they gave VERY fair warning!! In which they did. It’s been known and advertised for awhile now. I’m sure legitimate businesses with legitimate XP licensing have already received numerous notifications from either Microsoft or their contracted IT company. You have enough time to get your taxes done at the deadline and still have 3 days to upgrade your stuff or take risks associated with unsupported software.

      • KARD_LOVER

        If no one was trying to commit theft, fraud, perjury by false incrimination(youtube warriors), or any one of the many things that can cost a population billions of assets in unneccesary court bills, companies would not have to fullfill huge settlements(Target soon, Wal-mart on-going). Negotiating higher salaries wouldn’t be an issue, because inflation would not exist on a large scale, or generationally-impactful debt. It seems the need for growth is always trumped by not practicing good economical restraint, and always demanding more when their’s no healthy room for it. Cannot blaim the human-condition on machines, they were and remain tools of the trade.

      • Dls2k2

        39% is a HUGE, HUGE number. Why not charge $10/yr for the pleasure and efficiency of retaining the XP OS and use the cash (not that MS needs it, of course) to keep doing security updates?

        • Moe Howard

          How many XP users do you think would actually contribute? It’s not a bad idea though.


      Or perhaps “networking security armeggeddon”, with Joseph Stalin faces poking out at you every 10 minutes, accompanied by a BSOD.

    • sofomtn

      I completely agree with you, I’m ready to sign up, just lead the way.

  • Randy Erickson

    I have 2 machines. One with XP and 8.1. The problem is the Xp one has word 2007 on it. It’s just right for a casual user like myself. It’s now trash, and of course I have to purchase the program on my new machine for $137. I have a lot of stuff that’s 12 years old and I’m not being forced to throw them away and buy new ones. Once again, micro soft gets my money, for nothing I want.

    • The Linux Startup

      You don’t have to throw away your old Windows XP computer. You can put Linux on it and I guarantee it will be faster than any Windows computer you buy and still be on your old hardware. Not to mention much more secure with no viruses or malware. Here is an article that may help –

    • TimeTravelerCNN

      Or just keep running XP and stop whining

  • Michael Schwartz

    I’m not complaining, not one bit! Companies like to be as cheap as possible. What does that mean for me?? Well, let’s put this in a basic math equation format: Microsoft and third party developers shortcomings + businesses going as cheap as possible = JOB SECURITY for me!! :D

    It is going to be interesting, seeing which way businesses go. Linux has been seemingly hot on the heels of “paid” OS’s and a lot of database servers already have it deployed. I don’t foresee Windows 8.1 being a Windows for businesses, not at all. However, Windows 7 has already been out for a few years, making it that much closer to the garbage bin.

  • obeysparky

    Windows 7 is far and away more stable and reliable than XP. As for Apple, they have an entirely different set of issues. I’ve owned half a dozen Macs, and every single one needed warranty work. That’s an unreliable index of 100%, given their price point, that’s not acceptable. Every single one needed something replaced, or repaired. One is no better than the other. Windows 8.1 is actually quite appealing.

  • karmaa

    All I can say is THANK GOODNESS! My worst nightmare is walking up to a computer (Im a computer technician) And seeing XP, and the user is like, “Can you fix it?” HECK NO! Im gonna take care of it Office Space style!!!!

  • Eric Johnson

    So now we are forced to give up tools that we know how to use, and have come to rely on, not because the tool is obsolete, or because there is a better tool that does the job more efficiently. We are being asked to discard a useful tool because it can be sabotaged by someone with malicious intent, and a “new improved model” has better defenses. This could be compared to buying a new car based mainly on its having an improved door and ignition lock. This does not sound rational to me, but it does sound like a good strategy for drumming up new business.

    • J_R_Brown

      It’s more like you’re upgrading your car from a Ford Escort from 1987 to a new Ford Fusion. Computers today have hardware capabilities not even thought possible when XP was written…such as quad core processors and RAM that can not only read and write at the same time but do it stupid fast compared to SDRAM.
      The average smart phone has a more powerful computer processor than the Space Shuttle’s onboard computers did…you just need to keep up with a spinning world that doesn’t stop.

  • Jorge Robles

    Well, I have been using both PC and Apple, mostly PC and what I can tell is PC crash and crash and when I am ready crash then when I am downloading crash, crash and crash. With Apple it has been lot better. Now I am with Linux, using Mint, Ubuntu and other distributions that are way better than anything Windows had or has to offer and no crashes. OK I may not have as many programs or extensive software as in Windows but what I have is more than enough for me, a very good to excellent Photoshop equivalent, a pretty good Office equivalent that is free, with presentations that are indistinguishable from PowerPoint, games that I want to play, not games that OTHER people want me to buy for me to play, and best of all, NO CRASHES as with MS Widows. Also I am not worry about virus, malware, trojan horses and so on because security is built-in and very good and upgrades are FREE. One of my units have Ubuntu 8 for several years now and HAS NOT CRASHED YET. I guess there are many more masochists in this world than I thought. And I am running computers with 512mb to 2 Gb RAM at most. Just for someone to know….

    • J_R_Brown

      Sounds like your computers are old and slow…

      • The Linux Startup

        They may be old but i doubt they are slow. Linux runs great on old computers. Have you ever tried running Linux to compare to Windows.

  • Tony Anthony

    I really enjoy XP. Very easy to use. My other computor is Windows 8 and I hate it. Terrable at editing and making movies. It seems I will keep my XP just not hook it up to the internet. ANd use my tablet for all my internet stuff


    also, you cant upgrade to 7 or 8, a reformat is needed, so you have to fins all your programs, pain in the you know what

  • CDville

    My 90-year-old in-laws barely know how to download their email on their XP machine. My attempt to transition them to iPad failed (I had read about how easy it is for seniors). The loss of XP will cut them off from the world outside their retirement home.

    • The Linux Startup

      You can try installing Ubuntu with the Luna theme and they would not know the difference. Try a live disk and you will not be risking anything.

  • Stanley Jacobs

    Planned obsolescence has always been a great wealth builder for corporate America!

  • Thermopylae

    Let me get this straight. MS has been providing patches for security for XP for HOW MANY YEARS NOW? And there are still vulnerabilities to worry about? Still scratching the bald spot on my head!!

  • Mark Wallace

    Anti-virus programs will stop supporting it too. A system built for Windows XP would most likely work well with Lubuntu, a Linux desktop built for older, slower systems. That is a free download. Be sure to back up your data before you put Lubuntu in!!! You probably want to take XP out of your system altogether because, although Linux doesn’t get viruses, it will set it up so that you can take files off of the Windows partition and you could pull something over from the Windows partition into Linux.

    • TimeTravelerCNN

      Linux doesn’t get viruses? Really… wow…just wow

  • john98carter

    Great, now a certain portion of the Microsoft crowd will look into Apple. Good idea Microsoft!

  • penahs

    XP is still my favorite version of windows. The new ones suck!

    • J_R_Brown

      I liked XP, didn’t care much for Vista, like Win7 a lot and like Win8….
      The reason people don’t like WIn8 is because they get stuck in a rut in terms of how they think and don’t like learning anything new. Win8 is better than the previous versions but people just don’t like it because they are happy with the status quo.

  • Mike

    Just like MS deliberately did to XP, they are doing to Win 7 and that is, slow it down with every “update” until it too becomes so slow the customers will demand the latest OS.

    XP had been rock solid on the PCs where I disabled update. On one I did not, it took well over 5 minutes to boot with as many services disabled as possible. This had to be by design.

    Now I have a mix of XP, Win 7 & 8 and while Win 7 had been very fast and stable in my applications, soon it started to slow down with every “update” which is now disabled. After disabling “updates” the computer has remained at the same speed. This cannot be just an anomaly but a deliberate act by MS to render past OSs unusable.

    I do too much programming for the Apple world to be viable and don’t have time for all the hoops, tricks, click your heals 3 times to play with Linux. Open source is a great concept but not when it is being developed by testosterone crazed youths who seem to love to use meaningless words to describe real world computer functions.

    • magic3400

      Funny you say that, my brand new (2 years olds now, actually) intel 2600K gaming rig used to boot up and be online in about 45secs, now it’s more like 5-7mins, after a couple of years of Windows updates. Been trying to figure out what’s dragging down performance and it’s like finding a needle on the moon.

      • TimeTravelerCNN

        Wow… 5-7 minutes? Maybe you should try Malwarebytes – sounds like you have some nasty malware on there.

  • weiner spitzer

    hey sandy- there is no such thing as man made global warming. in fact the earths temperature has not changed in 15 years. the earths temperature is determined by solar activity.

  • Donald Burk

    The people who invent these operating systems aren’t rich enough. They need people to trash their perfectly good computers and buy new ones. Why do they do things like this. Follow the money. They are going to make millions on people who will end up going in debt to buy new stuff even if what they already have works just fine.

    • Gumdrop423

      How true this is. I would not put it past Microsoft to be one of the biggest hackers. If you notice every time you install an update your computer will slow down.

  • jojowa

    myself and my 13 year old have 8.1. no problems. somewhat annoying not having a start menu but we figured it out. the only really annoying part is that it thinks everyone is always online. does not come with anything like games preloaded. you have to download them. and they all come with commercials unless you want to pay for the premium. we solved that by coping to disc from our xp and loading it. most of you knocking have not even tried it. you are afraid of anything new. time to grow up.

  • Gumdrop423

    Global warming? I thought that was called seasons: Summer – hot, Spring – nice, Fall – nice, Winter – Cold. I wonder if I will win a Nobel Prize for my discovery?

  • Gumdrop423

    Testing one, two, three, does this thing work?

  • David Brickner

    Weeellll……. I am running Windows XP and Windows 7, use several good anti-virus tools, and
    am not signing on to Windows 8.? until MS decides exactly what they are doing……..!!! I still have Windows 3.1 on floppies………Yeah that old!!!

  • Roy C Hill

    If Microsoft forces an end of life on windows XP then demand a refund for the software purchased with the Operating system like a good New Yorker would. If they take away XP then just convert to Linux because Windows 8 is expensive to upgrade for a corporation because it is not just the software upgrade, but the IT knowledge base upgrade too. That is expensive because what is a corporation going to do with outdated IT employees that have Windows XP certifications? Are they going to retire them and hire young new minds or try to upgrade their brain fucntions by forcing them into Windows trade school?

  • Terry Perry

    I wonder how much Microsoft paid for this XP was never that great for protection against hackers. And anyone who didn’t take the 40$ for W8 Pro was a fool not to upgrade.

  • Beasleyhillman

    I installed Windows 7 on a new computer just so I could tale full advantage of the SSD technology. I have tried to be objective, but I do not like Win7 at all. It is poorly organized, and confusing as compared to XP. I used the old Windows Paint for modifying images, along with Paint Shop Pro 7, and really think MS missed the boat with the new Paint program. I have no desire to migrate to Win8 and intend to go back to XP when I get my old computer fixed. I probably will just keep another SSD drive on it so I can alternately clean one drive of deleted junk files that do not disappear through normal cleanup on an SSD drive and avoid inability of XP to properly configure to an SSD unit. SSD is definitely the way to go.

  • ★ William Cody Bateman ★

    xp? mac? os? bootcamp? laptop? tablet? yada… yada… yada… I think I will go outside and get some fresh air and look for a neighbor to talk too. :)

  • William Thomas

    Quote: “… Hacckers are already salivating at the opportunity to take over unsuspecting computers…”
    Really? Where did this author come from? Here are a couple of first grade flaws the author made.

    1.) “Unsuspecting computers”. Computers do not have a conscious. Just as they are unaware, they also have no suspicions.

    2.) “Salivating hacckers”…
    Really? Where did this person come from, 1986? While I am sure there are a few people young enough to envision some version of “War Games” on the horizon for computers running Windows XP, most of these systems are buried behind firewalls, or running XP due to age of the system, and/or require the OS because the required applications, which are the reasons for these computers, only run on Windows XP.
    3.) And lastly,
    “…If your organization hasn’t yet started or completed the migration to Windows 7 or 8, you need to stop right now and assess your progress or lack thereof…”

    The clincher…written by someone being paid by Microsoft.

  • William Thomas

    Really? “..If your organization hasn’t yet started or completed the migration to Windows 7 or 8, you need to stop right now and assess your progress or lack thereof…”

    The clincher…written by someone being paid by Miccrosoft.

  • John Sprinklebumj

    For many applications, Linux Mint and other Linux distributions are fine, and are open source, with most distributions actually free. I too have XP on three computers at home right now, but will have to do a migration shortly. Were it not for legacy programs like TurboTax and a few others, I would not use Windows at all. This is a preference rooted in a lot of beta testing (UNintentional) for Microsoft since DOS 1.0. Windows 7 is good, and usable, but with Windows 8, just like other Windows versions, we never did jump on until at least service pack 2. Will check out the newest update to 8 and then decide what to put on 3 of my 4 home computers. The one I am typing on now is run in Linux Mint 16. When I install new packages on Linux, I seldom EVER have to reboot the computer and it shuts down in under 3 seconds and is fairly easy, for now, to prevent hackers, probably due to the lower installed base, but this OS is about 4th now in popularity.

    • Peace By JESUS

      I tried every major Linux, and have Puppy and Linux Mint installed, but even basic Windows functions like being able to right click on a program in the Start Menu and find the location is usually not enabled, in addition to many glitches or special procedures which are often needed, as the Linux forums example, far in proportion to the number of users. But i appreciate the efforts and its degree of viability.

  • David Bowser

    Windows XP is still a heck of a lot better then the piece of CRAP Windows 8, 8.1 and 8.2

  • Cris Bessette

    A lot of fear mongering in this article. “If you don’t upgrade by April, your computer WILL be destroyed!!!” eeeek!!!
    If your machine is not connected to the net- it cannot be attacked. If your computer is on a network behind a good firewall, it’s very unlikely to be attacked.

    I STILL have a Win98 machine at work to run an old chip programmer. My company forced me to replace it with a new machine, which I screwed with for a few weeks trying to make it work
    , finally gave up and dug the old machine back out and solved my problem.

    I drive a 12 year old vehicle, yet no one is screaming at me “Replace it soon, or you will die in a horrible accident!”

  • Martin

    Microsoft have deliberately introduced incompatibilities between XP and Win7. They showed up on my work systems as a silent rejection of support DLLs by Win7 unless the source code was rebuilt using newer versions of Microsoft’s toolset. This will be really frustrating for everyday users because suddenly their applications will be ‘incompatible’ and either require upgrading or only run in that really clunky XP compatibility window that you get with Win7. For me its an ongoing problem because some of those libraries are third party, I can’t rebuild them myself, so I just use the old machine.

    Using Windows is like banging your head against a brick wall. You get used to it; once you stop, though, you really notice just how bad it is. We’re stuck with it in commercial and industrial situations because the ecosystem is decided at ‘decision maker’ level. For everyday users, there are alternatives — tablets, chromebooks, Apple products, Linux. Maybe Microsoft will see the light eventually but for now just walk away.

  • nik in montana

    People are reluctant to leave XP because they like it and it works.
    Microshaft does a disservice to its customer base with Vista, 7, 8. The
    only people using this crap are doing so because its been foisted upon
    them and they just accept it. Already there is an independant company
    that is going to write updates for windows, and there are three or four
    computer makers who will still build you a new modern laptop with xp
    installed and all the drivers to run everything just fine. My new laptop
    cost me just under a grand, has a new XPSP3 in it and isnt glitchy like
    Vista, a HOG like 7, or just plain stupid like 8. I suspect that until
    Microsoft figures out that they got it right with XP, they will continue
    to lose customers. Macs are great if you can afford to drink the
    koolaid , kike a rainbow or a kirby, or like joining amway. Its a cult
    thing and always will be for pc’s. Do what u want but I’m super happy
    with my new XP machine! Everything runs perfectly.

    • TimeTravelerCNN

      You do know that Vista was solid after SP1 and rock solid after SP2. Windows 7 actually used less resources than Vista on the same machine. Maybe take an hour or so and try out windows 8 rather than hanging back in the 20th century.

  • Athos

    Never had problems with XP. Had Windows Vista at home for a while. Vista was like Window 95.

    • TimeTravelerCNN

      Windows 95 was an incredible step up from Windows 3.11. Are you saying you really like Vista? It was a fine OS once SP1 & SP2 came out for sure

  • TheIntegral

    An excellent example of predatory corporate behavior ON ITS OWN CUSTOMERS. Companies invested billions in XP. Now Microsoft is forcing them to purchase all new software when the existing software was doing a satisfactory job. When does the same thing happen to Windows 7? Or Windows 8?

  • Snoop

    I will use xp until im dead,i run it on 3 machines in my house and one
    is not on the net,the other 2 are and will continue to be after April,
    vista sucked,7 seems better but why should i spend a 100 or whatever on
    that,i rather buy food or pay a bill,.win 8 fuuuugetabout it,i only use
    it for surfing web reading emails and looking things up when i need
    something fixed on house or car,my laptop is a 10yr old gateway works
    great for surfing,just cant justify spending money in this economy
    for an upgrade to something that will give me a headache,if i get hit
    with some virus i will do what i always do and ghost it back,no i wont
    spend for an update i will be one of the thirty nine percent for a long

  • Joseph Schmoe

    I have two words for everyone dithering over what to do here: Mac OS

  • Kenneth Neil Francis

    “Instead of dealing with overarching issues like the effects of global warming”…so you mean one of the biggest lies in the history of man.

  • BinaryStar34

    The end of the road? Hardly. Two days ago I saw Windows XP on a bunch of systems in a Hertz office.

  • me

    Microsoft should fix the start menu on Windows 8 before they decide to stop supporting Windows XP. They should give people a path forward that they can live with. Customers first, I am not sure that they care what the customers think…. Look at windows 8. However, they MS Surface table is one of the best products on the market, all prejudices aside try one.


    NSA probably can’t hack the old system as well so need to eliminate

  • littlepeaks

    I still have a PC running XP, and doubt the hackers will be able to get to it. It is NEVER connected to the Internet. Only use it for storing pictures, playing with programming, etc. IMHO Windows 7 is really a great operating OS.

  • rconaway

    Microsoft is both the most competent and incompetent company on the planet. There was nothing wrong with XP but lets replace it. There was nothing wrong with Windows 7 but let’s not only replace it, let’s destroy our customer loyalty as much as possible and drive them to Android. Google isn’t winning, Microsoft is losing because Balmer was a second rate administrator, not a visionary leader. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Guess we will need to redirect those anti-trust suits now to Google.

  • Jerry Harness

    After Windows 7 release, many companies started to migrate their PCs, but with the release of Windows 8, most have been stopped in their tracks, since this OS requires a complete overhaul of desktop setup and a completely new system for accessing programs. In many cases, additional employee training is needed just to operate it. Using tablets and touch screens is not an option for an accountant or a data processor; or just about any office worker.For this reason, nobody is looking to upgrade from 7 to 8; while those with XP now have only the Windows 8 option available to them.

    HINT TO MICROSOFT: The Business world still relies heavily on the PC. Who ever told you they are obsolete was a fool and out of touch with reality. Either re-offer Windows 7 for PC or at least

    • TimeTravelerCNN

      With the windows 8.1 update that came out in October you can easily set the computer to boot directly to the “classic” windows 7 desktop mode and never see the modern touch interface.

  • Big Ernie

    You mean some innovative third party won’t develop software I can load on my XP machine to protect me just as well as any MS update?

  • tentantoes

    There are always things to love, things to hate when a new and ‘inscrewed’ updated something comes along. The worst transition came when leaving XP. LOVED it. I have a new still-in-the-box computer sitting here, fully crudded up with Windows 8…soon as I plug it in, will change THAT mess to Win 7 since XP is not a choice now. Watch the moderators not run my comment~!!

  • disqus_tmvkwX9LhA

    Good maybe we can keep Google the hell out of our computer.

  • disqus_tmvkwX9LhA

    Your attitude and judgemental attitude is why I just posted my thoughts.For years you have been saying no one is controlling our every move.You come in with updates that are no more than another raff of commercials.We are not stupid as we see our space disappear.

  • gotmick

    Why is there such a Mac vs. Windows debate here in the comments? It’s a Coke vs. Pepsi argument all over again. One won’t and can’t replace the other. Windows XP was awesome. And I love Windows 7. I was really surprised they Eff’d up Windows 8 so bad after delivering such a great product as Win7. But they’ve done it before with Vista and ME and they’ll do it again. Both my daughters love Macs and they can use whatever they want. Coke please…

  • disqus_tmvkwX9LhA

    Should call it the Obama operating system because someone is always trying to change things.

  • disqus_tmvkwX9LhA

    Remember people made microsoft and bill Gates rich.

    • R1D1


  • George286

    Why is it “incontrovertible” that XP has reached the end of its life? I would say millions of functioning computers that people use argue quite the opposite. If Microsoft is tired of dealing with XP they should simply charge those users to provide further updates and patches, other AV companies can take over for MSE, employ a few programmers. Then let the population die of its own accord as the software becomes less compatible with XP and the hardware gives out.

  • norf4

    I would have taken this woman more seriously if she would have left out the comment about “global warming”. (I guess she didn’t get the memo that it is no longer called global warming, but rather, “Climate Crisis” since last year.) How can you take any tech-person seriously when it comes to their knowledge expertise once they site the existence of a pseudo-phenomenon that has already been discredited by the leaders of a movement within the scientific community already proven to be abject liars?

  • john hinge

    Go out of your way to find Windows 7! Windows 8 is unusable for business or anyone over age 18.

  • ghost rider

    too bad, best operating system there ever was !

  • R1D1

    Just what we need, another Microsoft cadet making apologies for his master!
    And not even a mention of Linux!
    Which is where I’ll be going with some of my apps.

  • R1D1


    • bazooka

      failed. do not pass go.

  • Roy C Hill

    Tell the international corporations that still use XP to weean off of them. Since this article was done by Dell and I used to work with Dell because of my previous job, Dell has this system of downgrading licenses to XP and maybe they are getting a little sick of it. Here is a good side to using XP licenses still. XP is the only operating system where the license can be called in if there was a piracy tag on the license. This system makes sure the license is authentic and whoever stole or borrowed the license for their use gets it stripped and the OS tags their operating system as being a pirated copy. With the new licenses, they can just vaporize and a new license is forced to be purchased. I like the call in feature of XP because I feel like I am making air strikes on people that magically stole my license.

  • Billy The Squid

    Hackers, schmackers. W7 and W8 stink. XP works.

  • Larry Fein

    Guess it’s time to move to XP. I guess my Win3.1 install is getting a little antiquated.

    • HermioneGranger

      I have a Microsoft XP but do not have windows 7 or 8. This year I decided to be very frugal with my money but now I may have to buy an Apple along with a new printer. Ugh!

      • Bob Rodentman

        Save money? Get rid of your smell phone. A huge security risk that no one needs.

    • HermioneGranger

      I have an old XP and printer. Not sure what I should do now as I really don’t want to buy an apple or new printer because Apples are very pricey and I really don’t want to buy one because this year I decided to be very frugal with my money.

    • HermioneGranger

      I tried replying to your post and did not curse or say anything that I thought was at all bad but both comments are waiting for moderation. If you do get to see them can you tell me your opinion as to why? I really don’t understand it at all.

      • Larry Fein

        They also flag it for moderation if you’ve posted to many times within a specific time frame.

        As for the computer stuff, I’d recommend getting with a local company and avoiding the Best Buys, etc. to get advice. I prefer Apple stuff, and I found Windows 8 to be an absolute nightmare. It tries to be a desktop/laptop AND a tablet, forgetting the simple reality that a computer is used in many different ways than a tablet.

        I’m sad to see XP go, from an IT perspective. It was probably the most logical of the Microsoft OS’s beyond DOS, and actually worked pretty well for the most part.

      • bazooka

        get a clue good lord

    • HermioneGranger

      Well, I see they put 2 of my reply’s on but not the other one. Just don’t get it at all!

    • HermioneGranger

      For some reason that I don’t understand Disgus is not showing my reply”s to you.

    • bazooka

      don’t you just love the 22 diskettes that came with it

  • jimjamer

    Win7 does not see partitions on some old hard drives, which I want to be able to access now and then!

    • bazooka

      so get with the program and get rid of your 1g hdd.

  • Tal69

    XP was great in it’s day and Microsoft mistakenly extended considerable resources bringing additional features and life extension to XP. Hopefully they learned something from it. It is very difficult to spread the resources out on two separate incredibly complex competing products. XP had many incredibly complex technical features added to it when Vista was still in development, XP had many features added to it after Vistas’ release, which created an environment for XP to be compared and compete with Vista directly. All of those resources dedicated to XP should have been poured into making Vista better before release and improving Vista for a predictable amount of time. Windows 7 would never have been the incredibly well run product it is without Vista. The transition to 64 bit Windows would never have happened without Vista. Even today the 64 bit support for XP is very, very, very poor. The next gen product lifecycle should be defined by the current gen product’s release. There should be timelines and predictability. XP’s unnatural lifespan enabled H/W manufacturers to be complacent, non innovative, and keep manufacturing last gen H/W cheaper because XP would run fine on it. This complacency hurt the entire industry by not enabling great new highly efficient methodologies only enabled by innovative cutting edge H/W and S/W capabilities. It is what is hurting Windows 8/8.1 right now. The move to hyper mobile devices, require different input options but only cutting edge H/W and S/W will enable the experience to be more capable than last gen “Desktop” options. Only through the eyes of a true visionary can Microsoft bring predictable product cycles envisioning and encompassing tomorrows technological advancement.

  • pdullea

    apple dumped their “proprietary chip set ” years ago and moved to Intel x86. The only thing that’s apple about apple is their op.system. Under the hood it’s x86.

  • ed the head

    A quick search shows norton, and multiple software companies will continue to support xp even if microsoft will not.

    Legally, microsoft still has to support xp, since the licensing agreement, that you need to click on to use the product, states microsoft support as part of the product, and there is no expiration date mentioned in the licensing agreement, or anywhere on the product, when it was happily sold to the customers.

    Absurd article written by a homosexual liar (who else would write a fear mongering ignorant article like this? Lesbians are incompetent at using computers, and are willing to lie, and cheat for money, since they can’t do, and are bigots against heterosexual men, who actually do the coding, build, and create).

  • ed the head

    A quick search shows norton, and multiple software companies will continue to support xp even if microsoft will not.

    Legally, microsoft still has to support xp, since the licensing agreement, that you need to click on to use the product, states microsoft support as part of the product, and there is no expiration date mentioned in the licensing agreement, or anywhere on the product, when it was happily sold to the customers.

    • TimeTravelerCNN

      Pretty sure that if you actually read the license there isn’t anything in there about microsoft providing support forever. How will you force hardware manufactures to provide XP drivers for their new video cards? Come into the 21st century and embrace change :)

  • ed the head

    A quick search shows norton, and multiple software companies will continue to support xp even if microsoft will not.

  • Max Steiner

    Windows 8 has flopped and now MS is trying to force the issue. Why dont they just charge a “small”
    fee for any future XP service packs?

    • bazooka

      how small is small?

  • amusing_myself

    Thee ONLY reason this was written was to sell more Win 7 / 8

  • RealityBetraysUs


    • bazooka

      please release caps lock. kind of gay

  • Jimmy Petrick

    time to buy a mac or upgrade to Linux………windows 8 IS THE SADDEST EXCUSE FOR AN OS EVER

  • Kevin Doty

    time to go to linux.

  • WorldWeary

    XP was Microsoft’s best O.S. in my opinion. Very intuitive and easy to use. A total joy to navigate! Win 7 not so much. And Win 8 really sucks!

    • bazooka

      wait until win 9. I still use windows for workgroups myself.

  • Mister Science

    “Windows XP is still running on 39 percent of the computers currently in use as of this writing.”
    No it’s not. It might be running on 39% of IBM PC Compatibles. Most computers are embedded in parking meters and residential gateway routers and microwave ovens and TVs and “media sharing devices” and cell phones. Most of the rest are in data centers serving the World Wide Web. The most commonly deployed operating system across the entire collection is Linux, by far. I’m including its popular variant known as Android.

  • Jimosaurus

    I see no particular reason to switch. Security (or rather, insecurity) is highly overemphasized today.

  • Loldotdot

    MACs are terrible at networking! The other day, I was trying to use multihomed NICs for dual ISPs, was a breeze for Windows PCs. I just added secondary IPs and switched metrics on gateways. The PCs knew exactly which networks to send traffic. For the MACs, not so much! I finally gave up trying to make it work. OS X Lion is really really bad at networking. Really bad! So I can only laugh at people who say MACs are for work, PCs for play.

  • Kevin DeCarlo

    Obviously, everyone knows that computers are already extremely vulnerable. Just complaining and stating the obvious isn’t going to get us anywhere. Computer security is so difficult because of the nature of computer systems. Any program can be manipulated and turned into malware (a Trojan).

    Likewise, as computer technology becomes more common knowledge, hackers continue to multiply at alarming rates. These days—every single kid who gets into computer technology wants to be hacker. They are learning about Computer Technology, but they are failing to understand the Law—and thus, failing to respect the law and the privacy of others. If they did respect those things, they wouldn’t be interested in things like computer intrusions.

    It’s out of this lack of greater understanding—this lack of morals—that people continue to pursue such simple-minded things. This comes down the education system of course—where our general education curriculum is teaching our children the wrong things. As I’ve said before, advanced math and science should be taking a backseat to things like Law, finance, and political science. Not only that, but the general understanding of those courses needs to refined as well—so that corrupt ideologies and misconceptions currently well accepted on the topics are adopted and taken up as children learn these more prominent things.

    As far as computers go, they can be made with zero-vulnerability—yet that currently goes against the purpose of the personal computer in the first place—as well as the current tactical approach to dealing with criminal offenders. So that isn’t likely to become a thing until those overlying conditions change.

    For example, the personal computer has always been a Trojan. Your computer mine-as-well come in a Trojan horse case, because it has always been intended to be used to spy on people. In fact, every operating system has hidden protocols that are utilized by those companies (and in collaboration with the government) in order to help law enforcement gain the edge against dangerous criminals and other threats to the innocent.

    Not a bad thing—but the perspective against criminals tends to be a little greedy. They want to catch everyone and drag out the process until they’ve roped every single person who would succumb to the temptation. For this reason, OS and other programs continue to be developed purposely leaving holes and other exploits in them—in order to filter out the criminals who seek to take the bait. Obviously, not the greatest tactic—because it’s sure to stretch our resources and patience out beyond our limits.

    As a “means to an end”, we must be willing to let a majority of offenders off—and just cut off the flow of activity—reforming as many as we can in the process.

    Just let them recover themselves and be done with it.

    As for securing your Windows XP computer, the greatest option available right now would be to back up all your private file and reinstall the OS before the plug is pulled. Before you do this, make sure to disconnect the power to your modem to get a new IP. Sometimes, you will have to change your MAC address—which can be done in your router’s settings—by just entering anything in the “User Defined Entry”. Get a new IP, fresh install—run all your Windows updates—then create a Disk Image back-up (on actual DVD-R). After that, use full disk encryption (via True Crypt) with a password of at least 30 diverse characters.

    Full disk encryption is enough to secure you from hackers potentially forever. The big issue you’ll run into with full disk encryption is someone working from the government selling your encryption key/password by use of their elevated government protocols. Breaking encryption by standard means and resources is a nearly impossibly feat. It takes too long for anyone to seriously consider it. If they do consider it—it will still take them a very long time.

    People who offer such things are generally undercover law enforcement—who also tend to be in violation of Abuse of Process (breaking the law themselves). They may just be taking advantage of the privacy of their “Ethical Hacking” job and giving out the private information for personal reasons—or personal financial gains (gaming the system)—expecting no one is going to catch on because they are working under the shelter of the government. So beware of such services and amazing feats offered by would-be hackers. Cryptography is an impossible art. Although it exists—it’s the power of the Gods sorta-speak—a power that’s beyond the capabilities of even the greatest hackers.

    It also helps to restore you computer from image every few months and update your encryption. Only the government should be able to get into your computer once the entire disk has been encrypted, so that should be enough to keep you safe indefinitely (unless you run into a more prominent hacker issue).

  • Lord Obama

    XP Professional x64 is built on Server 2003 and is still supported for several more years, it was the best OS Microsoft ever built. But since it is over 10 years old and support for XP x86 is going I made the big leap to Linux anyway. Totally done with Microsoft products.

  • 108

    The author of this piece is full of scheiße.

  • 108


  • visitorxyz

    I have a simple and naive solution to help you avoid the hype described in this text.

    1) KEEP your Windows XP and all its related applications on your computer;

    2) UNPLUG your computer from the Internet

    and voila, you are safe and secure and can go on with your business as usual.

  • cljahn

    Gah. I despise Windows 8. I think I might finally give Linux a try.

    • BinaryStar34

      If you can transition from Windows to Linux, you don’t have a problem to begin with.

  • Steve

    XP was the best OS that Microsoft ever made. Instead of making minor tweeks to improve their OS and office products, they had to butcher them by significantly changing the interfaces so they could sell more.

  • zinfer

    who wrote this? Microsoft? Where can I get off the merry-go-round of OS’s?

  • WolfNippleChips

    This article lost me after the “globull warming” quip.

  • ZeroSumGame

    Can’t afford to upgrade. Live in poverty now.

  • moregoose1944

    so I guess its best to just stick to W-7 now.I always liked xp pro for my games. I quit using the internet with it about 2 years ago.

  • BSS217

    OK we aren’t that stupid or are we? Dell is sponsoring this little article. right. So you can’t just go out and buy Windows 7 or 8, you have to buy a new computer to go with 7 or 8. Dell wants us to buy their computers but no, no, no Dell. Windows 10 is in the works as we speak and Vista is next and so on so why not go Mac. Stick it to Dell and their terrible products, costly I might add. Don’t buy 7 or 8 they are going to make a new one once a year. XP lasted too long and Dell lost money making a good computer in 2003 and Microsoft made Windows XP last too long. Its king of like a car, they want it to blow up at 10 years or people would keep the same car, except for the Jone’s.

  • vivian middleton

    I purchased my Dell Desk Top Windows XP with Blue Ray in 2010. It was supposedly “Top of the Line” . The newest version on the market at the time. I am now having problems with it. It will not update. I have to continuously do a restore on it. I am sadly disappointed that Dell introduced a “Top Of The LIne” computer in 2010 and now, it is a piece of crap. I am glad that I still have my Lap top Windows 7 . I have had it since 2006 and it runs much better than the newer one. I spent a great deal of money on the newer one and now, can’t even use it. With so much technology out there today, you would think that these types of problems would never come about. I think this is just a way to get individuals to purchase the newer brands that are coming out. When I purchase a computer, I expect it to last more than 4yrs. I will be much more observant and investigate more before I make another purchase.

  • Larry Greenwalt

    written like a fine advertisement for Microsoft, go to Windows 8 it says…and we will save you from evil

  • Fred

    Linux. Linux and open source.

  • Susan BetzJitomir

    How can they just abandon something 39% of their customers still use? I have never seen a company that just so does not care about the people who allow them to make a living.

  • Rick De La Torre

    Why would anyone even compare Apple to PC’s? I had a friend who bought the original iPod and thought he needed to buy an Apple to put music in it. Well he payed over $3,000 for it at a time I could have built him a more powerful PC for about $500. That is right built, ever heard of anyone building a Mac? By the way the Mac just sat and never got used and is not upgradable. Builders can get just about any piece of software for PC’s free if they really wanted too. I have never seen a business run by Mac’s, management would have to be very stupid to make that decision. I have never seen a gamer by a Mac for gaming. Mac’s have only regained popularity because of the “I’ products, which is all Apple can do right. But that gets these “I” idiots buying Mac’s that they never learn how to use. They just use it to buy propriety music & media that will only play on their “I” products. Apple is the biggest scam around.

  • Selcuk Olzker

    If M$ had an efficient OS, (like a supported version of XP64 on 64 bit chips), with non-crippled search, minimal DRM, and more security without automatic updates and backdoors for NSA/GCHQ and to monitor genuine windows copies, many people would gobble it up. The real problem is since VISTA, the OS has been made not to enhance or make work easier, but make work easier for the NSA, GCHQ, and RIAA and M$ itself to monitor for copyright theft, run DRM software, tiltbits, and government spying. This has caused very inefficient OS which is also unstable and filled with (deliberate) security holes. People do not want to migrate because XP is faster and more secure, even on newer machines. There are basic things productive people want to do…like find files (with search) and open folders…quickly. M$ even has crippled these basic functions in the new OS systems since XP (on purpose I might add). It has become a nanny system and huge memory hog because it first considers you a criminal and must check your activities and phone home as frequently as possible to determine this. It is a disaster, and now that they are forcing this upon us, it is frankly obscene and antitrust. Given their lack of any moral character in how they’ve acted so far, and especially given this scam their running, I have no doubt if people don’t switch, they will deliberately cripple registry with updates so you have to switch to their more inefficient OS’s serving other interests than their customers. I have a suspicion other companies do this as well…for example my older Adobe versions always get corrupted on my computer as soon as I connect that computer to the internet. Even though such actions are unconstitutional (no one has the right to backdoor update your property without your express consent and knowledge) and antitrust, I have a sinking felling M$ will attempt this also if they are already sinking so low with there big news lack of support gimmick. Its beyond belief, and at his point a class action lawsuit is really called for when hospitals, banks, and many other businesses rely upon efficient and stable OS that do not first serve the interest of Hollywood and the NSA.

  • alphaa10000

    Contrary to Sandy Berger, who said “It’s an incontrovertible fact that the viable life of Windows XP has come to an end”, Windows XP remains a viable, dependable and high-value operating system for as long as it runs the applications needed. People migrate from XP only when new hardware requires it, not because they are eager to leave XP’s familiar and productive environment.

    On reading Berger’s comment, we easily recognize industry obfuscation and propaganda, notably from Microsoft. All the usual suspects must sell us new hardware and new software to stay in business, hence the chorus raised against the very Windows machines they once sold with assurances.

    Put another way, when was the last time anyone counted on Microsoft to guarantee the security of Windows? Even with Windows Updates, Microsoft cannot and will not guarantee Windows safety. As one Microsoft executive admitted years ago, “Windows is just not built for security.”.

    Most users have adopted proactive measures like a good firewall and antimalware applications, as well as constant system scans and regular system backups. And with all that, users must remain alert and take responsibility for their own computer security.

    Undeniably, Windows XP is a happy, long-running marriage of hardware and a huge range of software which will run the same today and tomorrow as it did yesterday. The only disruptive factor is the same changing set of needs that drives most migrations, but neither hardware nor software value automatically expires as of April 8, 2014.

  • Joe Towers

    I like the way no mention at all of linux as an alternative is made by the author, only windows 7 & 8 are presented as an option. Did microsoft pay her to write this article? I am currently running windows xp / ubuntu as a dual boot and have had no problems. I just pick which os I want to go into when computer starts up.